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This startup innovating new concepts in Apparels

Experience of a flourishing history of the family business into retail textile, Pushpak gained knowledge of this field & thus his interest to bring innovation in apparel started. During the final year of the textile engineering diploma, he spent days experimenting and exploring new prospects in the garment fashion industry. He succeeded in several of his experiments that helped him to understand his concepts that are new in the market. 

Post his education, he passionately portrayed all his concepts with his brothers Bhavesh & Vineet. Together they found that his idea of concept-based apparels has the potential to fill the gap in the market for such products. Thus, the idea behind starting this venture began with the “Vision of 3” to become the most unique brand in the apparel and accessories industry. Also, to make people accept new concepts in garments and customers should be happy displaying their products to family and friends.

Vineet says that “At the beginning of any startup it is very crucial to generate a regular source of income and get more clients, and the same was for them. Hence, we decided to enter the B2B market before entering B2C, as it requires a huge amount of capital to run B2C.”

Adding to this he said, “They focused on dealing with customized corporate orders generated by references and leads. There were many ebbs and flows during this journey but all these struggles taught them the different aspects of the business.” 

No doubt their idea of concept-based apparels was unique but to reach the mass audience digital platform visibility is vital. Somewhere in between, they found that vision of 3 was not an ideal brand name for their concept-based products. Hence, after brainstorming for days they came up with the new label “MUFFYNN”.

“We associate Muffynn with our concepts. Like there are many varieties of muffin with different flavors and colors. We aim to create different concept-based products for our Muffs (a term created for our customers). And to position our brand in the competitive market, this year we launched our website to make orders easy for our customers. ” says Bhavesh. 

Muffynn is based on exploiting the unique concepts of Technical textiles on various products, mainly apparel and thus making them SMART or INTELLIGENT. These smart textiles can not only sense environmental changes, but can automatically respond to their surroundings such as thermal, chemical, or mechanical changes. It’s an extraordinary concept in the Indian market and loved by many who desire some changes in their everyday wear to stand out.

Their concepts based products include: photochromic (sun activated), sweat-activated, color bleeding, stain repellent, fragrance finish, etc. on main apparels accompanied with umbrellas, mugs, phone covers, and other accessories. People love wearing t-shirts, but the colors, prints, and the finish make it appealing and relishing. 

A year back they have started and today at a stage where they are aggressively selling through websites & offline via references, exhibitions, and events. One thing common everywhere was the awe and attention that they have received. Their corporate leg was also growing fast as they worked for Morgan Stanley, Chaturvedi & Shah, Purohit Holidays (Lonavala), RVG Foundation, etc.

Along with these plans they are also planning to open ‘Muffynn’ stores in the future and will get into exports which have huge potential for their unique products. Also, for corporates, they are trying to add novelty to their needs by applying their concepts to regular merchandise. For example: – Think of a Company Logo that changes color in sunlight at an outdoor event or Tshirts that changes color under the sunlight or adding fragrance to the cloth that helps you to feel fresh for the entire day. Apart from this, they are also experimenting with these ideas on phone covers, mugs, umbrellas, and other accessories.

“The textile industry will witness many innovations in the garment sector. New functionalities are added in the same product which increases the product’s utility and is believed to be widely accepted as the change.”  Pushpak says.

They believe that in the post-COVID-19 world there will be a huge potential for anti-microbial fabric products like antimicrobial bed sheets, pillow covers for the hotel industry. Also, a lot of scope for fragrance finish fabric products. Change is indeed the only thing constant, but as Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you wish to see in this world. For three of them, Introspection has been a guide to keep working tirelessly for their vision and create something of their own. 


May 29


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