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Twitter users can schedule their tweet from it’s Web App.

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  • Twitter users can schedule their tweet from it’s Web App.

Twitter has introduced a new feature for its users and now they can schedule their tweets from their web app. This means that now users can save their tweets as drafts, then post them according to their specific time. 

Here is how it works:

  • While writing any tweet, you can see Calendar in a row of icons below in the app.
  • Next, click on that icon, select the date and time when you want to post it.
  • After filling all the details select the confirm button.
  • Your tweet will be scheduled. 

These following steps were shown in a video that was posted by Twitter to show how its new feature works with the caption “Not quite ready to send that Tweet? This feature is very important for twitter users as of earlier they were used to tweet things in that specific time but now they can schedule their tweet and it will be posted automatically. 

Twitter has also claimed that they will protect their users from every kind of unnecessary harassment going on their platform. If a user has posted some tweets they can be seen or retweeted by everyone but if the user has restricted someone then they will not be able to reply to that. Earlier the public users were facing hate and slander daily on twitter now it is positive news for those users. As they can restrict those accounts who are creating hate and slander against them. 

After launching this feature twitter is planning to launch another feature that will allow the users to see how many people have retweeted their posts and comments and how many of them have done that without comments.


May 30


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