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Magazine Vol 1.0- Aug 2020

One who decides to survive in all circumstances definitely, dive into the sea of thriving. Entrepreneurs need to keep the courage, the courage to fall, evolve, learn, and rise. It is true that COVID-19 put everything in halt and made everything seem strenuous to survive. But with time everyone accepted the change that the pandemic challenged and started operating in different ways for their survival. The world started revamping. No doubt adapting the change is arduous and unavoidable,  but adapting it definitely reduces half struggles. Gruelling times test our strength, potential, and patience to handle the situation.  One who decides to adjust, adapt the remodeling, enhance skills to find alternatives and change plan of action wins the game. Adversity always gives birth to something innovative and never giving up attitude helps to turn the tables.

Businesses all around the world are trying to survive and thrive through this pandemic. The challenges are new and never seen before, this is the time when your rigid business fundamentals take back seat and creativity becomes the driving force of the business to make it more flexible and adaptable. Change is inevitable, and the pressure of the circumstance depends on one’s attitude. The way one turn up palpably portray’s them. It’s time for the business to go back to their drawing tables and redesign their business model according to the changes in the business ecosystem. The Rise and fall will always be part of life, some days you see the sun shining bright and some days it might just not. Keep yourself hydrated in both circumstances. Be authentic with your work and stay realistic to your motivation.

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