Business Communication vs General Communication

Business communication deals and offers with the only business-related topic. General communication agreements and offers with all the information except business topics.  

Communication can be defined as transferring information from one person to another to have a better understanding. Communication can be done through verbal exchanges, through written media like websites, books, and magazines), visually by using graphs, charts, and maps, and nonverbally through body language, gestures, etc. 

Having good communication skills is very important in all aspects of your life, from your professional life to social gatherings and everything in between.

Having accurate, clear communication skills is a vital life skill for every person and it should not be overlooked. You can improve your quality of life by just having proper communication skills and as per the idioms, age doesn’t matter in learning, it’s up to you when you want to learn something. It’s never too late to work on it.

The importance of communication skills increases as the career progresses, the most essential qualities for most managers and leaders are the ability to listen, speak, question, and write with clarity and conciseness.

Business and general communication are the two major branches of communication. And the basic difference between these two lies in their styles, aims or objectives, and areas where they are applied. 

The difference between both business and general communication can be seen in your life. You have a completely different way of communication with your boss and colleagues as compared to the way you speak to your friends and family. 


Business Communication

General Communication

Format It uses a specific formal format for communication. Different formats are used based on circumstances.
Personal touch There is no scope for using personal feelings, thoughts or views in business messages, emails or documents. Personal feelings, thoughts, and opinions cover most of the part of general communication.
Scope It is involved with practical information that is unbiased and aims & objective. It may be involved with fictitious thoughts or opinion and the scope is partial or subjective.
Presentation Business communication follows organizational and company’s policies. General communication does not follow any formality; you can use methods.
Objective This communication is made to take a specific action towards business. Here communication is done to inform the receiver about certain problems.
Type Business communication is official or firm communication. General communication is personal every your talk according to the subject.
Feedback Feedback is very important for business growth Feedback is not very much important for general communication; you can share your personal thoughts.


Business Communication 

When business people exchange information related to business to promote a company’s goals, objectives, and activities, it also increases profits within the company then, it’s called Business Communication. 

Business communication is important and also lies in Presenting options/new business ideas, Executing decisions, Reaching agreements, Sending and fulfilling orders, and Effective meetings.

Types of business communication 

Internal scale communication

Internal scale business communication is communication that comes from a supporting employee to a manager or an individual up the organisation scale. Every employee should authorize information to flow in order to have a true understanding of the company’s behaviours. This communication includes surveys, forms, feedback and reports that employees deliver to their managers, leaders or boss. 

Internal coordinate communication

Internal coordinate communication starts from a superior to another person subordinate. This type of communication might be in the form of a letter, a memo, mail or a verbal directive. 

 When you’re communicating with employees, leaders should keep communication professional, official and clear. An example of this type of communication may include a memo regarding a new company working procedure such as safety requirements and the latest regulations.  

Internal communication in the workplace 

Internal communication happens among employees in the work environment. Today, there are many different options for employees to communicate chats, messaging, email, and employee communication software solutions. 

This type of communication methods can be within departments or among the employee and it happens more regularly than other types of business communication. 

External communication

External business communication is a method of communication that happens with external parties such as customers, prospects, vendors or partners. Unlike all the internal business communications methods external communications happen on a less regular basis. 

Importance of business communication:

  • Managerial efficiency: 

Having good communication skills in business can help you to have a smooth operation of management. If any person has effective communication skills then managerial tasks can be performed efficiently. 

  • Enhance morale and relations: 

Effective communication emphasizes the employee’s participation in management. It helps to build the employee’s morale and cordial industrial relations between management and employees.

  • Effective leadership: 

Effective leadership depends on effective communication. Two-way communication helps in effective communication. A managerial leader must handle the subordinates. 

  • Mutual trust and confidence: 

Between any labor and management, mutual trust and confidence are necessary to have an effective movement of the company. If there will be effective communication, then it will reduce the misunderstanding among both of them and develop mutual trust.

  • Better decision: 

The success of an organization can be measured in better decisions. When the information, data, and other facts are not effectively communicated, it hampers the decision-making. So, when the facts are communicated to concerned departments, organizations, and people. It is easy to make decisions promptly. 

General communication 

Communication where people not only share information, ideas, and feelings but also share their views about any general topic. 

It basically involves any interaction between arbitrary people discussing routine topics, regardless of the mode of communication. The methods, processes, types, and principles, etc. of Business Communication remain almost the same as those of general communication. 

Basically, a general communication contains general messages except for business. In this communication, there is no set pattern of communication because it is less formal and not well organized. Generally, people convey or share their emotions, feelings, and opinions with each other. Sometimes it can be partial and subjective and may contain factual information. Mainly, general or personal affairs are shared in general communication. 

The best example of general and business communication can be seen in your day to day life. When you are with your friends, you talk casually and share your personal feelings and emotions and use informal speech. But on the other hand, when you are working at the workplace with your colleagues and leaders, you talk formally and have some business-related talk, which comes under business communication. 

Now, you must have read and learned the differences between general communication and business communication. All these have different uses and importance, it just depends where you are applying them. General communication has no rules but only the rules of etiquette and manners. 

However, business communication is dependent on many rules and regulations and effective communication is a basic skill in a business environment.


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