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A space for curious business minds to forge the knowledge of business learning and its secrets.

The Thrive prepares its reader with all-important modernized information to face the future and to avail deep and proper information about the business industry. The content our platform shares is about the stories of change-makers and business persons all over the world. 

Founded in 2020, we aim to provide our readers with all the relevant information about entrepreneurship and other topics related to it. We want to be your one stop if you're looking for any kind of information regarding starting and operating a business.  Our readers get all-important modernised information to face the future and to avail deep and proper information about the business industry.


To provide easy learning for curious business minds through our content


"Committed to share stories of the entrepreneurs who don’t often get heard and create opportunities for them"


"Our mission is to provide access to the education and resources needed to start and grow successful businesses. We believe that when people have the tools they need, they can change their lives and the world around them."

Our Purpose

"Making business learning accessible to everyone and understanding business concepts."


"We never knew that random brainstorming and conversations would led to the idea of"

~ Krishna & Varsha

It’s been months that both Varsha & Krishna had been talking about starting their startup, but they just hadn't taken the plunge.

Varsha Sharma


Varsha started her career in 2014 as a Tuition tutor. She always had a passion towards writing and loved teaching. A few years later she joined a job as a Content Writer. She got involved in writing because she wanted to write, and believed that writing about different fields gave her a broader perspective. After some point, she left the job to prepare for Competitive Exams but gradually became a Freelance Copywriter. After the world closed down due to COVID-19, she discovered her love for Startups. Currently, she enjoys what she loves to do.

Tring.. Tring…

"Hey Varsha, I have an awesome idea to share?" Krishna said with excitement. 

“What’s that Krishna?”  Varsha reacted cluelessly.

Krishna told Varsha “It’s  been months bro, we were talking about starting a startup and today I got it right.”

Varsha asked “What’s that? 

“Magazine” said Krishna.

Magazine??? but about what, whom and how! said Varsha 

Later both started having conversations about the idea, what and how! 

Months of their research and analysis led them to the decision of creating a business magazine. Yet, there was still much to know and understand about how magazine businesses operate. 

After launching their first magazine, Varsha saw all of the resources for  business education were scattered on the internet and found it hard to find all of it in one place.  

Subsequently, they decided to create a space for curious business minds to forge the knowledge of business learning and its secrets through premium quality editorial contents, articles, videos, interviews and other forms of media content on our website and other social networks.

That's when they started their thriving journey of a platform that allows everyone to discover information from all aspects of the business world. 

Till now we have distributed a huge number of educational and resourceful content on our platform, featuring more than 40 astonishing stories, interviews, and opinions in our magazine edition. - Online Magazine

Online Magazine

An online magazine platform with premium quality editorial contents for our readers. Designed to help you find your own voice and connect with others through your shared experiences and opinions about businesses with our readers via our Magazine Editions.

"We believe that everyone has a story to tell, experiences to share and we want to give them a space to do so."

Besides providing great reading experience, we aim at bringing together various voices across industries through our articles, videos, interviews and other forms of media content.

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Let's ignite entrepreneurship together by providing access to education and resources that help businesses start and grow.

The Thrive is committed to ignite entrepreneurship in people from all walks of life. We believe that when people have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, they can change the world around them. Investing in the right business education, entrepreneurship, and right resources is essential to empowering people economically and socially. It is our belief that businesses can accomplish good in the world, and that everyone should be able to pursue their dreams.

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Our Values


We believe that businesses should reflect the communities they serve. We are committed to building a community that is inclusive of all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, or ability.


We are committed to providing the highest quality resources and education to our members. We are constantly striving to improve and evolve our offerings so that we can better serve our community.


We are committed to being honest, transparent, and ethical in all of our interactions with our members, partners, and each other.


We believe in the power of new ideas. We are constantly looking for ways to improve and evolve our offerings so that we can better serve our community.


We believe in the power of community. We are committed to building a supportive and inclusive community of entrepreneurs, educators, and innovators.

Team Work

Working together is important to us because it supports employees' ability to work together towards a common goal. It's about the power of collaboration and the importance of supporting each other.

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