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Top 15 Shoe Brands In India for men & women 2022/2023

Top 15 Shoe Brands In India

A multitude of shoe brands come to mind when you're seeking the appropriate one for comfort. The majority of individuals wear shoes for a variety of reasons, including fashion trends, social prestige, and foot protection.

 Footwear is the most significant item in our daily life that we wear throughout the day. So these shoes should accomplish everything at once, from being comfy to being fashionable. As a result, we require a good pair of comfy and trendy shoes.

The footwear business in India is a very important segment; it is the engine of growth for the complete Indian leather industry. After China, India is the world’s second-largest footwear producer. 

The footwear industry has now been de-licensed and de-reserved, allowing for the extension of capabilities on modern lines using art machinery. To help with the process, the government has permitted 100% FDI into the footwear business through the automatic route. Here are women's and men's top15 shoe brands in India in 2030. 

Here are the top 15 shoe brands in India for women and men 2022/2023

1. Bata – India’s Favorite Footwear Brand


Bata came to India in 1931 with a single outlet selling formal footwear.  It also comes as the top shoe brand in India. Today it comes in the best shoe brands in India. Why Bata is different from others is that it has all types of footwear, including casual, formal, and sports for all age groups of consumers. Whether you are looking for classy heels or sleepers or formal shoes, it's too at an affordable price.

2. Nike – Just Do It


Nike is one of the Indian footwear brands in the country and across the world. The company is the primary supplier of athletic footwear and manufacturer of sports equipment across the world. Nike is famous for its minimalist designs and comfortable structure. 

3. Adidas – Adidas is An In


Adidas is one of the best shoe companies in India. It manufactures the most comfortable and best footwear. The brand began its journey in the year 1970, and in the last four decades, it has become a go-to footwear for athletes and fitness freaks.

4. Woodland – Leather That Weathers


If you are looking for high-quality casual or formal shoes. The company is best known for the utmost leather material that goes a long way once you buy. It has comfortable and rugged shoes that are worth the money.

5.  Reebok – I am what I am


Reebok is yet another best sports shoe brands in India. that has marked its presence. The brand stands high with innovative styles, creative patterns and designs. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has a range of sports shoes that are most sold across the world wide. 

6. Action


We all have worn Action footwear in our school times. The best brand of shoes in India and also an Indian footwear manufacturer that sells sports, and casual shoes range as well for both men and women.

7. Lotto – Italian Sport Design


Lotto is world-famous for its unique Italian sport style. Sports enthusiasts and players prefer the footwear brand because of its high-quality shoes. It has its headquarters in Italy but it also ships in India and has a collection of sleepers and sandals for men and women.

8. Skechers – Unseen, Untold, Unsold


The American footwear brand is considered one of India's best brands for running shoes in India and is designed with comfortable pairs of shoes that are ideal for a casual lifestyle, running, etc. It's known for its bold designs that complement all the latest fashion trends.

9. Puma – Forever Faster


Many sports icons prefer this widely-known sports footwear brand. The Germany-based company manufactures an extensive range of footwear, sports accessories and apparel.
that is available at an affordable price. 

10. Van Heusen – The Way Forward: Evolve Everyday


Van Heusen is led by the Aditya Birla group in India. The brand has an extensive range of formal and casual shoes. The brand is an online store from where you can get the best of the shoes at the best price and store coupons to avail of the highest discount. 

11. Redtape – Wrapping the World with Innovative Fashion


Redtape offers unparalleled comfort and international styles. The brand started its venture in 2006, and within a few years, it has become the country's most loved premium lifestyle brand. The range embraces semi-formal wear, casual, and sports footwear across the country.

12.  Arrow


Backed by Arvind Group in India, Arrow is known for minimalist yet trendy styles for men. The brand has an array of formal shoes in different colours and styles and has assorted pieces of casual shoes that are widely liked by millennials. 

13. Peter England – Beginning of Good Things


Next on our list of top shoe brands in India, It’s amongst the most preferred brands in the country. From uber-cool sneakers to classy formal shoes and basic sleepers to trendy loafers, the brand has a wide range of footwear for both men and women.

14. Crocs –Come As You Are


The brand is known for its ultra-comfortable range of footwear and sleepers, the brand believes in simplicity and comfort. It has been analysed for the style of shoes it offers; however, with people’s acceptance and demand increases, the brand fought back with all the criticism and is currently amongst the best footwear brands in India.

15. Liberty- A feeling called liberty; express yourself


The brand is more than six decades old and It offers the famous and best shoe brands in India that are inspired by the latest trends, conform and are sturdy. The brand has a presence in over 30 countries, including India.

7 things to keep in mind when buying shoes

Many footwear brands have different manufacturing companies offering different types of footwear. And choosing the best shoes for your feet and getting style and comfort isn’t easy. So here are the top 10 things to help you buy footwear that perfectly matches your needs and feet.

1) Right fitting

Fitting is important when selecting any footwear. You can measure your feet every time you get a new shoe which will help you to understand the current size of your feet and choose the pair of footwear accordingly. Also, remember to select the exact shoe size that fits you and never go with tight-fitting or buy bigger shoes thinking of the future.

2) Choose carefully before purchasing

One should never buy footwear in a hurry. When you're buying the proper footwear you need time and attention to have enough time on your hand when you go footwear shopping, so you could experiment with different shoes and observe them before purchasing.

3) Try options

You should Try footwear before buying one. It is very important. You should always wear different pairs of footwear and check the fitting and comfort level before purchasing footwear. 

You can also wear the shoes and walk for a while to understand if they are comfortable for waking or not. Also, remember to wear footwear on both feet to check if there is any difference between their size or comfort standards.

4) Check Material

Nowadays, you can get different kinds of footwear made of different materials. And you need to pick footwear with comfortable material for a better wearing experience. You should select the footwear material depending on the comfort, usage, weather and the landscape you live in. 

5) Time durability

The durability of your footwear is paramount. You should always check the durability before buying footwear. Indian climates are primarily harsh and different types whether it is monsoon, summer or winter. That is why you should always check the durability, especially if you are looking for everyday use whatever weather is going on. 

6) Look at the finishing product

Another important thing you need to remember while buying footwear is to check the finishing of the footwear. Look at the stitches, sole style, etc to ensure you buy the best footwear.

7) Know about the manufacturer

Checking a manufacturer’s details is also an important thing before buying footwear. Choose a good brand and recognized manufacturing company, as they offer quality footwear at affordable prices. 

The right running shoes provide the proper grip for your entire feet and can help prevent injuries and make it far more enjoyable to log those miles. If you are buying shoes for specific requirements, for example running or a marathon then, here are the key points to help you find the right shoes for running or a marathon or formal shoes. 

Tips to buy Running Shoes

1.  The surface you run on makes a difference in what type of shoes you should choose for running or casual. 

  • For standard road running such as sidewalks, and treadmills you can find various levels of cushioning and stability in shoes.  

  • Trail shoes have larger lugs to grip better on loose or rocky terrain and may have a rock plate to protect your foot when you step on sharp rocks. If you run trails and roads you will want to purchase separate pairs of shoes that match the needs of each land. 

2. Decide if you want more or less cushioning under footwear.

3. Understand whether you need a specific type of support for your gait in footwear. 

4. Comfortability is of utmost importance for shoe fit. 

5. Trying on your shoes and walking even best is, lightly running around the store to make sure they feel comfortable. 

6. Pay attention to the shoe's arch and upper materials to ensure you do not notice any major pain spots in the toe. 

Tips to buy Marathon Shoes

  • Choose a Running-Specific Shoe
  • The more cushion a shoe has while supporting your body’s natural motion path is helpful for running long distances, whether training or racing area.  
  • Choosing shoes according to the flat to minimize injury and optimize your running performance.
  • The lightweight Shoe is for a marathon and makes your feet feel comfortable and flexible while running

Tips to buy Formal Shoes

Before you buy a pair of formal shoes, keep these 3 tips in mind.

1. Choose The Right Fabric

Leather is popular for formal footwear and is known for its ability to last longer than its alternatives. However, climate conditions are also important because non-leather choices are a better choice for wet weather. 

2. Classics 

If you have too many options to choose from but you’re clueless, go for a classic style. You can define it by closed lacing, a rounded front and/or patterning, it can't be beaten no matter the occasion.

3. Choose a good colour

Gone are the days when formal shoes were only in blacks and browns. Today, you can take your pick from greys and blues to tans and maroons it completely depends on your tastes


Indian footwear brands have been creating the best designs and patterns that have shifted market trends in India. This is because India boasts a variety of high-quality Slippers, formal, casual, and sports shoe manufacturers, for the country and on an international level as well.  All these top shoe brands mentioned in this article share the same purpose to offer high-quality footwear and maintain their supremacy. 

FAQ's on Shoes Brands:

Who is the no 1 shoe brand in India?

Bata is India's most popular shoe brand which has footwear for everyone. Bata used to manufacture only school and formal shoes, but now Bata provides over 20,000 different styles in various footwear categories. 

What shoe brand is the most popular in 2022?

Nike was the most popular footwear brand among youngsters in the United States, according to a survey conducted in February and March 2022. Nike won an overwhelming majority of the vote, 52% points ahead of their closest competitors, Converse, Vans, and Adidas.

What is the most famous shoe?

Chuck Taylor All-Stars (1917) Converse was the most famous shoe. 

Top 5 brands for women's shoes in India?

  • Mochi
  • Clark
  • Catwalk
  • Metro
  • Bata

Top 5 brands for men's shoes in India?

  • Reebok
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • PUMA
  • Woodland

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