9 best online resources for learning management skills

Some management skills are universal. Skills such as time management, conflict resolution, leadership, and more are going to be essential to manage a business or manage a team within the organization. It is important when you find a management position, you can solve problems efficiently, lead a team, and think on your feet. 

Being adaptive and able to solve any problem is the key to business management. You can take the help of management courses on great online resources to learn the right skills and achieve your skills. These nine websites provide resources for learning management skills:

1. edX

This website provides hundreds of self-paced courses created by experts and professors all around the world. Business and management courses include “Business Communication”, “Strategic Management”, and “How to Become a Successful Leader’. Each course offers a verified certificate after the completion which the students can share with the employer or university.

2. Lynda 

Lynda, the learning platform designed by LinkedIn, offers online learning, particularly for business and career skills. Courses are related to decision-making and team communication. Individuals can select courses on their own, while the businesses can utilize it to train whole departments on specific skill sets. It is free for the first thirty days, after which one can take the membership costing $19.99 a month. 

3. Coursera

Coursera associates with more than 100 colleges and universities offering graduate and undergraduate classes online. Courses can take several days to several months to complete and cost under $100 and include topics like “Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence” and “How to lead people”.

4. Udemy  

Udemy offers more than 65,000 on-demand courses created by experts from all around the world. Courses in the first 100 days may be introductory like “Management and Marketing Essentials”, or more advanced, like “Business Leadership and Management”. The cost of the courses varies from $14.99 to $ 199.99. 

5. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

This university features on-demand college courses that you can complete at your own pace. Its courses include topics such as “The Entrepreneurial Strategies” and “Strategic Planning and Execution”.

6. OpenCulture

OpenCulture is an all-in-one platform for learning management skills. It gathers free resources and classes from all over the internet and puts them in one place. Its business section is developed by government departments or universities and has more than 150 courses.

Courses include subjects such as “Management Leadership and Principles of Management” and “Introduction to Strategic Management”.

7. MIT OpenCourseWare

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers the benefit of MIT education through many of its graduate and undergraduate courses on its OpenCourseWare platform for free. Many courses are from the Sloan School of Management. Courses like “Managerial Psychology” and “Game Theory for Managers” lead beyond introductory management skills.

8. Skillsoft

Skillsoft is a great platform that offers business training modules including courses, books, and videos. Fortune 500 and other global corporations use Skillsoft for management. These modules are accessible from its website and the Skillsoft app. The course collection covers topics such as “First-Time Manager Essentials” and “Leveraging Leadership Techniques”. The platform offers a 14-day free trial. 

9. Skillshare

This platform grants experts to create and upload video courses. It includes basic topics like “Principles of Business Management” to more advanced topics such as “How to Delegate to Get Outstanding Results”. 

Skillshare offers a free month of unlimited classes to new users. When free-trial ends, premium membership costs $8.25 per month while the monthly package costs $15 per month.

These are the best platforms to develop management skills. You must first consider your present level and then decide what you want to achieve. If you are searching for free resources then edX might be the best choice for you, or if you are looking for a vast range of courses with a vast range of teachers and professionals, Skillshare might be a good choice for you.


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