Reliance Jio: Building the Longest International Submarine Data Cable System

Reliance Jio Infocomm, India’s leading 4G and mobile broadband digital service provider, building the largest International Submarine Data Cable system, to connect India with South East Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Jio is currently working with key global partners and submarine cable suppliers to develop two next-generation cables to support data demand growth across the region. The system will interconnect with the world’s top inter-exchange point and hubs for extension of service globally.

IAX and IEX systems:-

  • IAX:- India-Asia-Xpress system connects eastbound to Singapore.
  • IEX:- India-Europe-Xpress system connects India westbound with Europe and the Middle East.

What will these cables do?

These high capacities and high-speed systems will provide more than 200Tbps of capacity spanning over 16,000 kilometres.” IAX and IEX will enhance the ability for consumer and enterprise users to access content and cloud services in and out of India,” said Jio

“For the first time in the history of fibre optic submarine telecommunications, these systems place India at the centre of the international network map, recognizing India’s increased importance, staggering growth, and the quantum shift in data use since the launch of Jio services in 2016,” company Jio said in a statement.


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