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Puma’s Advertising Campaign Complete Guide

Puma’s Advertising Campaign

One of the biggest sports brand in the world, Puma has been crafting incredible campaigns to stay ahead in the game. Have you ever wondered what makes their campaigns so successful? 

Puma has made itself an iconic landmark in the fashion industry by successfully launching a comprehensive global advertising campaign. The brand's marketing initiative infiltrates every aspect of its audience's lives: social media, public relations, immersive experiences, and more.

Puma is a German multinational company that manufactures different kinds of shoe accessories worldwide. It has its headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Puma is the world’s third-largest sportswear producer which was founded by brothers Rudolf and Adolf Dassler in their hometown Herzogenaurach. 

In 1967 Puma was given the world’s number-one logo position and the company got popularity in America and then grew its business across the globe. The brand then went public and listed itself on the stock markets as well.

Puma comes on the list of the world’s leading sports brands, designing, selling, and marketing footwear, apparel, and accessories in over 130 countries. It was founded by Rudolf and Adolf Dassler due to the conflict of the original firm into Puma and Adidas and has since established itself as one of the fastest-growing and most innovative amazing designers of performance and sports style products.

Its headquarters are in Germany, but it has developed its global reach over the last 67 years, employing more than 12000 diverse and devoted employees in 45 countries.

This guide will help shed light on why Puma's advertising campaigns are so attractive and effective for both consumers and marketers. We'll discuss key marketing strategies behind their campaigns, as well as how to start planning your own campaign from scratch. Get ready to unlock the secrets of Puma's success!

What is an Advertisement Campaign?

Advertisement campaigns are a set of advertisements that aims at a single message. They are intended to complete a business goal as well as lead to conversions. 

Some business goals ad campaigns can target are creating brand awareness for a new product or service, driving sales and generating leads by asking potential customers to sign up for an email list, subscription, or other free offers by the brands.

Why is it important to run Advertisement (Ad) campaigns?

1) Makes your brand different from Competitors:

An advertising campaign can showcase what makes your product or service different and better from the competitors.

2) Increase Brand Awareness: 

Ad campaigns are used to increase brand awareness throughout the market. A well-developed ad campaign can be used to make your brand increasingly visible. It can improve your positioning within the market.

3) Launch New Products or Services: 

Another benefit of an ad campaign is the ability to boost your new product or service launch which helps get attention to it and to get more people aware of what you are offering and you can even build hype for the launch.

7 simple steps to create an advertising campaign:

1. Define the goals

The first step you should take is to define your target goals for the campaign. Keep these goals visible to all team members involved in the campaign.

2. Determine the target group

Determine your target audience. Depending on the goals you’ve set. If you launch a new product or service, your existing customers may be your target audience. If you want to open up a new market or expand your brand awareness, a new target group may also be of interest to you.

3. Plan the budget

The next step is to set the budget for your ad campaign. How much money will be invested in an advertisement and how do you get in return from it? 

Budget planning also includes determining the capacities within the marketing team, because after all, the campaign has to be prepared and implemented with a rough estimate of how many days the employees will be busy with the campaign.

4. Determine the media mix

Now it’s time for the concrete strategy of which channels should be used to reach your target audience. 

The following channels are:

  • Social media ads

  • Influencer ad campaign

  • Out-of-home advertising

  • Content ad

  • TV or radio advertising

  • Digital advertising

  • An advertisement in print magazines or newspapers

5. Define the campaign period

Selecting a campaign is setting a timeline. This project plan should record when you start your campaign and how long it will be active in the market.

6. Design the creative content

Your ad campaign plan is created and you can fully aim at implementing the content that is part of your ad campaign. This can be texts for the website, scripts for video spots, but also graphics for the visual design of the ads, photoshoots for ads etc. 

7. Implementing the advertising campaign

Finally, it comes to the concrete implementation of the ad campaigns. This means posting ads, publishing information, and placing ads on the defined channels.

Ways to find your targeting ideas

1. Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is excellent for obtaining demographic details about your target and their interests and you'll be able to see website insights broken into different sections, like age, gender, and location. 

2. Use Facebook Insights

If you have a Facebook page, Facebook Insights will play an important role in what you need. Facebook gives every page a huge set of insights for free. These insights work similarly to Google Analytics; you'll receive critical information required to create a target audience.

3. Check up on website performance

Monitor your best- and worst-performing content areas on your business website. Your website can be an introduction to your company profile for a lot of your target audience. By looking at what blog posts or landing pages are attracting your audience, you can repurpose content that isn't and promote the content that is. 

4. Engage with social media audiences

Interacting with social media followers is very important because they're your audience. When you create your buyer persona, they're the users you should look into.  

You can ask your followers what they want to see, and use tools like Instagram Stories, posts and replies to get their responses for how/what you're doing. Whatever engagement you get, positive or negative, can influence how you attract new audiences.

Puma Product Advertisement

Puma has a massive range of footwear, accessories, and activewear. It is the main producer of driving and racing shoes and has the sole producer of Formula 1 and Nascar. 

The company has established its image as reliable and good quality products with unique designs. The brand’s major sales are due to its footwear collection and the special Football shoe collection is the attraction point of the portfolio.

The company has the following products-

  • Shoes

  • Apparels

  • Tshirts

  • Tracks

  • Boxers

  • Accessories

  • Helmets

  • Water bottles

Puma has collaborated with many popular designers like Rossi and Alexander McQueen. And in India celebrities such as Saina Nehwal, Gautam Gambir, Shilpa Shetty, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, Harrdy Sandhu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Yuvraj Singh, MC Mary Kom, Avani Lekhara and Dutee Chand are associated with the brand Puma in India.

 The brand has a speciality in its sports product line by selling premium quality products at affordable prices. This gives the customers the feel of luxury at their budget-friendly cost.

The brand also has partnered with several other brands and has given them the license to use the Puma trademark which Puma manages with an advertisement strategy to increase its product portfolio.

Puma Advertisement Promotion

The companies spend heavily on print media and billboard advertisements. The company also aims at advertising different games and sponsoring tournaments in the country.

Some of the advertising ways include television media, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, and excellent packaging. The company also has great ambassadors.

Digital Advertisement is one of the major marketing channels of any company. It includes channels like Puma’s official website, application, social media advertising, influencer marketing, fashion websites, and online advertisements.

The company has a massive large following on social media apps including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It has more than 1 million followers on Instagram, 20 million followers on Facebook, and more than 1.6 followers on Twitter. This large network has helped puma a lot in establishing its brand online.  

PUMA's Social Media Advertisement Strategy 

As one of the big sportswear brands, PUMA’s advertisement team relies a lot on social media advertisement activity. And because everything goes social media nowadays, being present and engaging with the audience is one of the big goals of any advertisement campaign.

For that, they need a good advertisement strategy. A brand is a way of communication between people and is strongly related to how you make your customers feel. And PUMA knows how to go from brand storytelling to new opportunities for ad. 

Advertising Examples of Puma India 

1) Sports Brand Puma India launched its Black Friday Sale campaign in 2022 in a quirky way. 

The brand roped in replicas of its prominent brand ambassadors, staged fictitious pop-ups with tampered branding outside select original stores, of Virat Kohli, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sunil Chhetri and Yuvraj Singh at select stores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Gurugram. 

And even gave its website PUMA.com a cyber-hacked appearance. 

This move was a part of the advertisement campaign to showcase that while everything can be spoofed, the offers for this Black Friday are as real as they get in 2022.

As part of the Advertisement campaign, Puma also launched a digital film featuring six well-known influencers – Agasthya Shah, Srishti Dixit, Devishi Madaan, Sakshi Sindwani, Viren Barman & Dhruv Barman – destroying a fictitious store. About 20 other actors participated in the 45-second film as well.

Shreya Sachdev, Head of Marketing at PUMA India, commented on that advertisement campaign, “The Black Friday sale has emerged as a significant event on the Indian shopping calendar as it is spotted at the beginning of the winter festive season. 

As a brand, PUMA is constantly looking for new opportunities to deeply engage with consumers and create quirky and amazing experiences for them. The Black Friday Sale event became a fantastic outpost for consumers. We are happy to bring world-class products and invest in a one-of-a-kind campaign to connect with our consumers.”

2) Recently, Anushka Sharma shared a social media post which showed the actress posing for a photo, in which she was wearing Puma sportswear. Her Puma sportswear displayed the logo.

In her Instagram story, Anushka appeared to express outrage over the company using her photo to promote their products without her permission. “Hey, Puma India? I’m sure you know that you have to take permission before you can use my image for publicity since I’m not your ambassador. Please take it down!'' She wrote a note. 

As soon as Anushka shared her anger through stories, her fans took to Puma’s post and bombarded it with comments in support of their favourite superstar. One user wrote, “Damn Puma,” and another commented, “You should have taken permission.” Yet another comment read, “Take it down, Puma.” This advertisement campaign affected the brand image in a negative way. 

And after some time, Puma shared a photo in which it appeared to be a contract between the actress and the company with its contents blurred and a CONFIDENTIAL written in big, red letters on Instagram. 

Anushka Sharma shared the post in another one of her stories, writing, "I'll sleep on it." But here the case has not ended. People are still confused as to whether it is real or fake. These sorts of strategies do tend to backfire company and even the image of a celebrity.

How did Puma ad campaigns run earlier and now?

If we see the difference between ads 9 months & and 2 years ago there are huge differences in content and target audience and how they present their ad


She moved us 9 months ago and which was a communications platform where PUMA celebrates women who move together to achieve and connect – through sport, culture and values. So can clearly see that the content in the ad is targeting females only they focused on the specific target audience. 

And in Ad they showcase females and they have a clear message behind it by using some social media trends of use in Hastags in the description.

You can see the ad below: 

The only rule of the game:

Keep moving forward.

Keep that forward momentum going. 

Forward, into the future, with passion and purpose.

And in the process, move some mountains.

Move the world.


#SheMovesUs #PUMA #PUMAWomen

2. Be the Spark Puma Football

When we take a look at the 2 years ago campaign, we notice that there are some differences between the ads. Similarly, Puma has changed their advertising campaign from focusing on products to targeting their target audience with a message. 

PUMA’s  "Be the Spark Puma Football" campaign was subtle and on point, with a simple description but could not grab the audience's attention much.

It all starts with a Spark.

This is how players become champions.

These players are the game-changers.

They are the Spark for their team igniting creativity on the pitch.

Be the Spark.

Most Viral Ad Campaign of Puma (PUMA x Intersport Chatbot)

Amplify.ai, a  worldwide popular leader in conversational AI has partnered with sports brand PUMA for their latest consumer engagement campaign to launch PUMA NITRO running shoes in India. The conversational AI campaign successfully generated more than 1.2 million conversations in India in just 15 days.

With the purpose of driving consumer engagement and driving traffic to the NITRO product page on puma.com, Amplify.ai’s conversational AI superpowers creating a one-of-a-kind chat interface. It gave the consumer personalized responses based on their inputs on the chatbot. 

The conversational AI experience informs and educates the customer about the all-new NITRO range of products and features in an interactive manner. It also uses interactive imagery and texts to bring the customer to the Facebook Messenger experience to the customers.

The innovative new-age marketing campaign began in early April 2022 with PUMA India and its brand personality, Virat Kohli promoting its latest running shoes on social media platforms. Consumers were directed to their Facebook Messenger where they engaged in a conversation with the chatbot (Virat Kohli).

 The AI bot initiated the conversation by asking consumers why they wanted to run, and their preferences and was guided through the chat with good images, videos, and GIFs to identify the most suitable running shoe from PUMA’s NITRO range of products. Amplify.ai’s conversational AI gave customers a real-life chat experience by developing a conversation with more human-like replies and simple call-to-action links.

Examples of Puma ad campaigns


Puma has established itself well by maintaining its price-effective and premium quality. The firm serves well to customers and has a reliable image in the Indian market. The advertisement strategies of the company are great and have worked accurately to rise the brand name.

Puma’s reputation can be increased with these unique, distinctive, and effective advertisement campaign strategies. Its variety of products and services can offer comfort to its customers.


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