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“My vision is to become a 24-hour channel for Financial Advisors, Insurance Agent by 2025, Educative, Informative, and Entertaining.” – Ranjit Singh (Founder, BITV)

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  • “My vision is to become a 24-hour channel for Financial Advisors, Insurance Agent by 2025, Educative, Informative, and Entertaining.” – Ranjit Singh (Founder, BITV)
Ranjit Singh

Ranjit Singh is the originator of BITV, Business Intelligence, online channel. He made this space for a creative small, middle, and high-level financial advisor, Insurance Agent who wants to expand their visibility and want to work like effective financial specialists. BITV is a substitute of Satellite station for small and medium financial. The mission of his channel is to improve the Ability, Visibility, and Profitability of Financial Advisors and Insurance Agent. "My vision is to become a 24-hour channel for Financial Advisors, Insurance Agent by 2025, Educative, Informative, and Entertaining." Says Ranjit

Here what Ranjit say’s about his journey.

My first occupation as a financial advisor was in Bajaj Capital, where my job was to sell an investment and insurance plans. I never worked as a representative in this organization, rather thought it is my organization. In 2007 September I left the association in light of the fact that my manager was not with me. Furthermore, I chose to function as a dependent financial advisor with a dream that one day I will likewise build an organization like Bajaj Capital.

Yet, when I began my training it appeared to be extremely hard to accomplish a particularly huge objective, so I thought to locate the most effortless way. Furthermore, after my research and interest, I chose to work with the CNBC channel as an anchor and thought it would upgrade my visibility and encash my business development.

In our journey, we come across many individuals who advise us. Likewise, I discovered somebody who advised me to do CFP Education as it will be simple for me to find a new line of work in CNBC as an anchor, without diving deep into this proposal I enrolled for CFP education however it was tough for me, I gave about 2 years for this training and finally, I finished it.

During CFP I was extremely energized and unquestionably told a significant number of my customers, family members, and companions that very soon you will see me on the CNBC channel. Every one of them trusted me however after finishing CFP the outcomes were not as I anticipated difficult and couldn't get the opportunity to work with them.

As I had made pre-declarations of my prosperity before accomplishing them because of which I was responsible later. Years were passing and one of my clients asked me what happened quite a while back you revealed to us that you will come on CNBC, we never saw you on the CNBC channel. That day I felt terrible yet some way or another I persuaded them that soon they will see me on CNBC.

A couple of months after the fact, one of my companions ask me what happened you disclosed to me that you will come on CNBC I have advised to all my relative that you will come on CNBC, what I found in his eyes that he has a lot of expectation from me, again that day I had same emotions yet I didn't have a response to give him.

I had tried everything possible yet couldn't find the correct source who can guide me to land my dream position.

The days were passing, another day one of my relative told me, since such countless months we have begun viewing CNBC just to see you however we never saw you on CNBC, that day something squeezed me somewhere inside and I could not utter a single word in response.

That entire night I was unable to rest every one of these individuals who got some information about my guarantee words were overpowering my psyche. The next day when I woke up I had a scene prepared in my mind, it was a similar scene which we generally see on a news channel, one person taking an interview of one or more people.

The primary thing I did is I went to Vashi and booked a banquet hall in Abott for a shoot after a week, and I contacted few businessmen to take their interview also invited few people to become an audience.

Furthermore, from that point onward, I made a script and hired a professional cameraman to do a shoot, after few days we did that shoot, and following a couple of days when I saw that video that changed my profession.

That video had boosted my confidence and trust in me and an idea struck a chord that I will begin my channel to improve my visibility and will create the opportunity and platform I was searching for. I made a space for all financial advisors who want visibility through the channel.

Taking my journey ahead during initial days I felt employing a cameraman and getting edited from outside was expensive for me, so I got one camera on EMI and recruited a part-time proof-reader. Also, I began taking interviews with a financial guide by calling them at my place.

In the first place, the financial guides were not prepared to come after a ton of subsequent meet-ups with them few consented to come. They made their biography video with me and their video gave them value. Gradually, they understood the value of what I am doing and what I saw not only from Mumbai people but from different parts of the country people started coming to me and gave their interviews.

I generally used to tell every financial adviser who used to come to me for an interview that what videos can accomplish for them. Then I started a series for the trainer in the financial industry.

One day I took an interview with Mr. Lazarus Dias who is a big trainer in the insurance industry. Mainly in LIC, he understood my concept of how video can function for a business visionary, so he got his hand together with me for this mission, later on, he acquainted me with another big coach in the insurance Industry Mr. Murli Mehta I took his interview and he loved my vision and later on, he joined his hand with me.

After Mr. Lazarus Dias and Murli Mehta got their hand together with me we together arranged a big national mega show for financial adviser where we thought to offer the chance to even a little financial adviser to meet and tune in to the big financial adviser of the nation additionally the international successful financial adviser, that is how we made a mega show where now total 12 celebrities of the financial industry have joined us.

The journey of taking an interview began in 2017 and in the 3 years, I have taken more than 300 interviews. The platform of BITV is gradually turning out to be huge, numerous financial advisers supported and joined us.

Our Vision is to become 24 Hour Channel for Financial Advisors, Insurance specialists by 2025, for this we are persistently Enhance the Ability, Visibility, and Profitability of Financial Advisors, Insurance specialists.

There are more than 10 Lac Financial Adviser in the nation, out of that lone 1 % of financial advisers earn a good amount of money from this industry. It means that the success ratio in the financial industry is only 1%, the reason behind the less success is lack of knowledge and also many times less contact base and business strategy.

BITV is taking a lead step here where through interviews of successful financial advisers we are sharing the strategy of the successful financial adviser to other financial advisers who are struggling or freshers.

We allow all financial advisers to come on our channel and share their experience so that they can increase their visibility and can acquire more clients. We are also doing many activities for them like every month we invite big trainers from the financial industry.

Also, started a competition for a financial adviser by the name National Mega Show Competition where they will get the opportunity to share their sales experience and the best influencer will become BITV speaker of the year.

Apart from this next year, we are coming up with a very big event for a financial adviser in which they will get chance to meet with the International successful insurance agent, three top trainers of the country, 3 top insurance agent of the country, 3 successful businessmen of the country

All this speaker will talk about their success secret, their business strategy. Every day around new 100 Financial Advisers subscribe to BITV YouTube Channel, and the only reason is the opportunities and knowledge we provide for them.

By 2025, our target is at least 100 Financial Adviser should become Business Tycoon with the help of BITV.


July 17


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