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Top 10 Lead Management Tools 2023

Lead Management Tools

Lead management is the strategy that sales teams use to understand whether a lead is on a path to closing. Many companies choose to use software that streamlines this process and uses automation to encourage leads through the sales process with workflows and targeted marketing. Lead management software user manual tracking, let your sales team leverage the power of a fully automated tracking system. 

What is lead management?

Lead management is a systematic process in which incoming leads are qualified and analyzed to convert them into new venture opportunities. Its basic sales process leads from multiple channels enter your business lead management system, and the sales-ready leads are converted into deals.

 You need to have a lead management platform for most prospects interested in your product or service. The complete game of lead management is staging or labelling the lead's interest level towards what you are selling.  

Features of Lead Management Software

  • Collect data for your business 
  • Data Management from various channels produce data that needs to be stored, sorted, tagged, formatted, filtered, source identification, de-duplicated, and processed to make it accessible.
  • Work Allocation and Task Management
  • Response to Leads 
  • Scheduling and Tracking Leads:
  • Lead management if used wisely can let us identify the time and method to approach that lead to a particular stage of the lead. 
  • The sales activities like the generation of the invoice, payment schedule, payment reminder, receipt generation, etc. are the abilities of the lead management system.
  • Organizations use Lead management tools to analyze the level of lead automation, assignment, prioritization, activity planning, tracking, etc. 
  • Reports help in evaluating the efforts & return ratio on quality leads and identifying the behavioural patterns that give the desired results.

Why is a Lead Management System Important?

1) Small Business

Small businesses can go for the free versions of lead management tools. They can get good ROI within a low budget. The integration of various mediums of lead attraction goes missing and the profits are limited, making it important for small businesses to have a lead management tool.

2) Medium Enterprises

The medium-level enterprises have competition from small and from large companies. They have to meet customer expectations and it has to compete in terms of price and service quality. Being best than small businesses, having the capacity to invest and having good opportunities, the lead management system becomes essential for medium-sized enterprises.

3) Large Organizations

The factors that make it mandatory for large organizations are the widespread business, the demand for better functionality, high expectation of prospects and to understand and control over the market, the involvement of multiple parties and multiple lead acquisition channels.

How can you choose the Best Lead Management Software?

You must select software that is best for your business, whether small or large enterprises.

  • Latest Features
  • Process Optimization
  • Automation
  • User-friendly
  • Customizable
  • Improve client Experience
  • Ability to work off-line

Here are the 10 best Lead Management Software:

1) monday.com

monday.com CRM software is best for all businesses. It makes management easy and has the capacity to connect every department of the organization. monday.com CRM software will help you with managing customer information, interaction, and processes. All your data will be secure. It will allow you to build and customize the dashboard as per your needs. 


  • Gives you insights and a clear overview of business through the dashboard.
  • You can set reminders, and due-date notifications and assign new tasks to teammates automatically.

2) Pipedrive

This tool is best for small and medium-sized businesses. Pipedrive has amazing features of pipeline management, E-mail integration, Activities Management, Data import-export, Sales reporting, and forecasting. It's a highly effective tool. It manages sales and provides detailed and clear information.


  • Easy to use.
  • You can Customize your dashboard.
  • Measures Sales Performance.

3) Zendesk 

Zendesk is a powerful CRM software amazing with features that facilitate lead management. It features like “Funnel Tracking” that inform you about a marketing campaign’s capacity to generate revenue. Zendesk has the ability to log calls and emails automatically.


  • Completely customizable CRM dashboard that allows you to track leads from when they enter the funnel to the moment they are converted to customers.
  • Capture important information about the lead.
  • Let you implement data-driven solutions with accurate, comprehensive reports and analytics.

4) HubSpot Sales

It is best for medium or large businesses. 


  • Campaign Management
  • Importing and Exporting leads is easy.
  • Detailed training is available.

5) Act! CRM

It is best for all business sizes. Act! Offers CRM lets you prioritise leads based on their actions, It provides features to help you focus on the best opportunities and lead capture and will help you with creating activities and opportunities. 


  • Gives you a customizable dashboard.
  • It lets you prioritize the task list.

6) Zoho CRM

It is best when used by Medium-sized businesses. Zoho certainly improves the productivity of teams with designs that are good solutions to business activities.


  • Mobile App
  • A huge capacity for Email marketing.
  • Source Tracking

7) Keap

Best for all-size businesses. It has features required for growing businesses and established businesses & teams and has email and SMS marketing capabilities. It allows the creation of personalized and automated sales & marketing. 


  • Keep allows native integrations of programs to make the online payment process easier.
  • It lets you create personalized, customized marketing processes.

8) Freshsales

It is the best tool for small-size businesses. Freshsales provides a 360 ° lead review that helps create workflows and automation processes. 


  • Helps you with campaign Management.
  • Provide you easy export of information. 

9) ActiveCampaign

It's best for small to medium businesses. It offers you all the best features you need to generate qualified leads and helps you understand how engaged a prospect is. 


  • Lets you know which leads to prioritize.
  • Automatically update your contact details.
  • Get a view of the entire sales.

10) noCRM.io

This software offers three plans suitable for businesses of different sizes and helps salespeople to achieve their primary goal. Offers innovative sales script generators to easily qualify your leads. 


  • It has amazing features like syncing reminders with your calendars and planning calls, and meetings.
  • Its completely customizable sales will help your team organize its sales process. 


In this article, you get to know the 10 best Lead Management Software Tools for you to compare and select the one that suits your business best. Those are paid tools for all companies looking to upgrade their plans in the future. Each tool has some good features and advantages you can go according to your preference. 

FAQ's on Lead Management Software:

What is lead management software?

Lead management software helps organizations qualify leads, and analyze them so that they can be converted into new business opportunities. 

How does CRM help lead management?

CRM software can help you tend to this expansion in leads. 

How do you use a CRM for lead generation?

  • Build a Sales Pipeline.
  • Make Use of Automation Tools.
  • Store Data for the Future purpose.
  • Integrate Social Media Channels.

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