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12 personality traits of a good real estate agent

August 24, 2020

To be successful as a real estate agent requires a high level of self-motivation, drive within, and smart decision making. A real estate agent needs to show certain traits for success in this line of work. The essential characteristics which make a good real estate agent are :

1. Strong Determination 

A real estate agent should drive by a cause of serving the people from within. This is the intrinsic characteristic on which everything is built. A person should be driven to have the qualities of honesty, competency, integrity, responsiveness, transparency, etc. These qualities have a positive impact on other people.

2. Communication Skills

A real estate agent has to spend a lot of time speaking so whether you engage with fellow clients, field questions with clients, or build a network with other professionals, your communication skills must be excellent.

To improve your communication, 

  • You need to be a good listener

Give a chance to another person while communicating.

  • You need to ask questions

Don’t be a monologue in the conversation. Ask questions for clarity as a way to draw them out of their shell.

  • Make eye contact

Make eye contact while talking to others otherwise, it indicates that you are hiding something from them.

3. Honesty and Persistence

You can only build a long-term relationship with the customers when you are loyal to them. You must have strong morals and a clear vision of your duty. Master the skills of being pleasant with persistence.

4. Technological Mindset

Real estate agents must know how to utilize technology in business whether it is offering solutions with data, automation, artificial intelligence, and transparency. It provides more clarity towards the real estate market while selling, buying, or renting a home.

5. Transparency 

Any professional has to maintain transparency and objectivity toward other parties in a transaction. A real estate agent has a primary duty towards the client. 

6. A Winning Personality 

Real Estate is a people-oriented job and you have to win the trust of your clients. It may take time to be an experienced real estate agent, you can score a lot of points by your friendly nature. People will want to work with you on your heart-winning personality.

7. Integrity 

To maintain trust with your clients, you need to hold yourself to a high-standards. It is important that you have certain principles and must be dedicated to your profession.

8. Attention to Details

As a real estate agent, you must have deep market knowledge, willingness to hustle, comprehension of the numbers, and consistent follow-through. Whether it is comparing housing prices, reviewing the fine print in agreements, or considering your client’s wish list, you need to work with this “little stuff”.

9. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is what separates market leaders from average agents. Understanding clients is a prerequisite to solving their problems with meaningful and well-thought through solutions. Get this and you will see clients will come to you rather than you selling to them.

10. Work Ethics 

To be truly successful, a real estate agent has to work harder than peers. For these agents, the hard-work is intrinsically virtuous. It is one of the key factors separating an average agent from the great ones. 

11. Responsiveness

No matter how busy you are, make sure to have time for your clients. Clients are always the priority for a real estate agent. 

12. Experience

Interpersonal skills, negotiation energy, and composure are the things a real estate agent has to keep in mind. If you are completely new in this field, then the Internet can help you. There is so much data available on it. Then with experience, you will get to know how things work. After the hard work experience automatically you will make a successful transaction.

Not all real estate markets are the same, these are the core traits a client looks for when they talk to a real estate agent. These traits tell a lot of details even before making transactions.


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