Facebook starts its “Good Ideas Deserve to be Found” initiative

Social Media Company, Facebook starts an initiative “Good Ideas Deserve to be found” to help small businesses to overcome the economic crisis caused due to corona virus pandemic. Facebook said, “The initiative is designed to help people understand how the personalized ads they see help them discover the things they love and support business in their community.”

Also, the initiative is about defending Apple’s new privacy feature that can prevent Facebook from tracking the user’s activity needed for social media’s network targeted advertisements.

The iOS feature which was expected to come last year, will highlight a tracking transparency feature that can destroy Facebook’s method of collecting data through targeted ads and can hurt many small businesses.  The company wants to keep pressure on Apple about the upcoming change it will bring. 

The new feature will display a prompt asking for permission before mobile apps track their data. Facebook said, “Limiting the use of personalised advertisements would take away a vital growth engine for businesses. Adding to it, the company said, “It would put in place its own pop-up messages explaining the change and touting the benefits of targeted ads, alongside Apple’s messages.” 

Facebook Head, Mark Zukerberg said, “Apple has every incentive to use their dominant platform position to interfere with how our apps and other apps work, which they regularly do to preference their own.”

This initiative will run on and off Facebook platforms for 12 weeks. It includes TV spots done with agency Droga 5, voiced by Grace Jones, and directed by David Wilson. The new campaign features real businesses and comes with a phrase, “And yet for every big idea that rose to wild acclaim, there are so many more that never found their fame.”

Facebook said, “it’s also trying to make it easier for small businesses to get started marketing.” The company is also not considering a particular fees for businesses which are working through Facebook’s online shopping platform from at least June of this year and for paid events from at least August.


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