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All You Need To Know About Brand Image

December 9, 2021

Brand image plays an important role in defining which brands can greatly survive and succeed in the markets. Brand image is all about how consumers feel about a brand and how they recognize it. It’s important to note that even those who do not need or use your products or services can form associations and create an image of your brand in the same way, so the brand image is important.

Distinguishing Brand Image from Other Branding Concepts

Brand Image vs. Brand Identity

Brand Identity

  • Develop your brand internally
  • Who do you want to be?
  • Active in nature
  • Forward-looking: continually trying to create and establish the desired identity of your brand

Brand Image

  • Develop your brand externally
  • How do consumers feel about you?
  • Passive in nature
  • Backward-looking: your identity based on consumers’ changing perceptions of you over time changes the review in a positive way.

Brand Image vs. Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is frequently confused with brand image.

Brand awareness is a concern how customers can think of a brand when they begin a product or service search. It’s all about the brand and how prominent a brand is in a customer's mind, and therefore relates more to memory and recall.

Brand image, however, concerns the brand associations and perceptions built-up over time which creates a picture of the brand overall.

Why is Brand Image So Important?

1. Brand Image Makes An Impression

As you know, making a good first impression is important, especially in business. Consumers will create an impression of your business and brand based on a variety of factors, for example how your employees are dressed, your website, your business cards, and many more. These small details are points of contact you have with potential customers.

2. Brand Image Creates Recognition

It’s not just about the logo or slogan; your brand image has many elements and brand associations like speed, reliability, and quality which will give customers satisfaction. If you don’t put the effort into maintaining a consistent brand image throughout every interaction a consumer has with your brand, you’ll find it very difficult to develop an easily recognizable one.

As a service company, part of your brand image involves your relationships with customers. This is important because your company culture and values get involved in it. Encourage your employees to build relationships with your customers and their campaigns as if they were their own.

How to Build a Brand Image?

Identify Your Target Audiences: The first step is to identify your target audiences consisting of a mix of external and internal groups, including customers, partnerships with influencers, industry analysts, and employees. It’s important to be very specific when defining your customers. You need clarity about the groups you are targeting to develop a successful marketing strategy that will speak up directly to their unique requirements and concerns.

Determine Business Goals: Building a brand image without knowing your short-term and long-term business aims and objectives is ineffective and a waste of valuable resources.

Define Your Brand Personality: Once you have determined your key audiences and business goals, you can start to build out your brand personality. Your personality should create an image for customers and most important differentiators and product benefits. Since your brand personality defines your brand image, it’s important to keep it simple and relevant which will represent your brand.

Public Relations: PR spreads your key messages and brand-related news. Positioning your business PR can improve your brand image and raise awareness of the brand business.

Content: Content plays an important role in digital marketing activity. To elevate your brand profile, you must deliver content that will create a clear image of what your brand wants to deliver, blog posts to the target audience.

Social Media: Social media is an extremely useful and important tool for sharing information relevant to your industry and interacting with your target customers. A social media presence can increase website traffic and enhance your image.

Search Engine Optimization: This tactic improves your business website ranking on popular search engines like Google. To make an impact you need to rank well for specific keywords to increase the traffic to your brand website.

Brand image is important for any business in the market. When consumers buy a product or service, they aren't just buying a product or service; they're buying what your brand stands for. That's why it's so important to design your brand image to convey exactly what you want it to say and great the personality of your business.

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