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Somwya- Creating a fashionable world for plus size

It’s not the shape that she needed to change. It’s how she sees herself and that made Somwya’s journey exciting. Being a curvy girl she always faced difficulties to dress herself beautifully and every time she visited markets with excitement left only with disappointments. And to the fact she got to know that there were many similar people like her, facing the same difficulties. 

Somwya says “While pursuing fashion designing I realized that Fashion Designer’s designs are basically designed according to one’s liking and preferences keeping the latest trend flourishing in the industries and market. Every individual has different body shapes and personalities to carry an outfit and the same outfit might not suit the other person.”

Every startup begins with a story, idea, or thought. So the idea for Somwya coming up with something exclusively for plus size came up with her suffering from dressing fashionably. 

“I am a plus size and I have faced so many issues and problems in getting stylish and fashionable clothes for myself. Until I got to know about the role of body type and shape, it was always a muddle situation for me to decide what would look good on me or not. Therefore, I thought of coming up with a solution for many sufferers like me who are plus size and face the same.” says Somwya. 

She started “Not Size Zero” as a venture for plus size people. With a concept of plus size couture wear clothing line for women.

The very first achievement that motivated was her first plus-size collection on the ramp. Though, it was challenging on her part as many people were not positive about it, but, when the collection was on the ramp the hall was full of claps all around. Apart from the lack of support, the most crucial and challenging moment is to make people understand the fact that there is a fashion trend for plus size in the market. Initially, it was hard to make those people believe that they can and have the right to look unique and beautiful in their own way.

While working for a period of time she realized that the plus-size people mostly lack confidence in them to try something new. Therefore, she understood the need for “Grooming For Confidence”  for them. 

“By being a plus-size groomer I am here to help everyone to develop their overall personality & present themselves in all the best way possible,” says Somwya.

As part of their team, they have eight experts for “Grooming For Confidence” and five models for “Not Size Zero’‘. Presently both her ventures are run on online platforms and soon she is planning to come up with a store in the NCR region. Their future vision is to capture the national and international market in terms of clothing (women, men, kids) and grooming for plus size people. Also planning events, fashion shows, beauty pageants, and boot camps exclusively for plus size.

Talking to her about the market response she shares that it was a bit difficult to crack on initially, but after her first show, it is accepted and expected to grow immensely in the near future.

By both her ventures she’s on a journey to create a happy, beautiful, normal,  fashionable, and confident world for plus size people.

June 11


Govind Dadhich, Founder

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