FAU-G game recorded over 1 Million Registrations on Google Play Store in Just 3 Days

On November 30 nCORE Games declared that its much-anticipated game FAU-G is available for pre-registration on Google Play Store. Two days overdue, the game has the highest number of pre-registrations recorded on the Play Store in India in the prior 24 hours. 

The game developers shared in a tweet that it received 1.06 million pre-registrations for the First Person Shooter (FPS) game and the numbers will expand in the coming days.

On Dussehra, the trailer of the game came which showed a trailer of the Galway Valley Episode featuring a turban-clad soldier. There is still no word about the surety of the launch date of the game but the buzz over it is high. The game is a tribute to Indian soldiers in charge of Indian border security.

FAU-G which stands for Fearless and United: Guards was declared just after the popular FPS game PUBG was banned by the Indian government.

Vishal Gondal, co-founder of nCore Games and CEO of fitness band GoQII cleared that it will not try to compete with the PUBG game.

FAU-G has not been advertised as a battle royale game but will involve crucial episodes in the history of Indian armed forces. There is a chance that a battle royale mode can be added later.

“Thank you for a fantastic response! The highest number of pre-registrations in India in less than 24 hours!,” nCore games said on its Twitter.


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