Samsung new promising buds:- review

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is designed to tune every moment. The buds don’t fall even while jogging. There is a particular way of wearing them as they are marked left and right. The earbuds need to be worn in the correct ear with its speaker side towards the concha. They are shaped like beans and lack ear tips, hence they block background noise without sealing your ear canal.

Without hurting your ears, you can wear them for hours. Buds Live comes with a finger-ring shaped charging case that gives a premium feel. The case is marked with L and R along with learning battery and pairing status. It supports wireless charging while Type-C support is at the rear of the case.

Though Buds Live is compatible with both iOS and Android, Samsung recommends installing the Galaxy Buds app for a seamless experience. The Buds app instantly detects the Buds Live and provides proper guidance. Touch controls make its experience better, on tapping the bud two times one can answer or end calls. A single tap can play or pause the music track, double-tap can move to the next track, and triple-tap plays the previous track. 

There is also an option available to control volume. The Buds Live are a great multi-media companion too. You can watch movies on Prime Video or Hotstar and listen to Spotify. Also, you can easily switch from normal to one of these modes – bass boost, soft, dynamic, clear, and treble boost depending upon the type of music. The audio quality of Buds Live is able to match Apple’s Airpod Pro. 

The Buds Live can support five hours of calling and listening to music on a charge. Putting them back in the case would charge them for the next day.


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