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Cybersecurity incidents become double in this year due to many reasons

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  • Cybersecurity incidents become double in this year due to many reasons

Cybersecurity incidents had increased exponentially in the past two years and almost doubled between January and August this year than the previous year. As per the government report, such incidents jumped four times in 2018 and recorded a growth of 89 percent last year. 

Sanjay Dhotre, Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology said that the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) reported about 3.9 lakh cybersecurity incidents were reported in 2019, and around 7 lakh such incidents occur till August 2020.

Siddharth Vishwanath, Partner – Cyber Advisory Leader said that there are so many factors promoting the increase in cybersecurity incidents recently. During the pandemic, continuous online business, connections between the people via the internet even in remote locations, gave hackers huge opportunities for their activity. 

There were a lot of COVID themed attacks to capture for their data. Further, this also employs other ways across the world because of increased hacking activity which is not for a short-term thing.

The government has taken different types of measures to increase the cybersecurity posture and to decrease the cyber-attacks. These will be done by regular alerts and advisories including the latest cyber threats through CERT-In. They also provide cybersecurity mock drills and forming Cyber Crisis Management Plan to regulate cyber-attacks and cyber-terrorism.

The offices are trying to start a new normal phase with a flexible work model. This digital transformation has gone up and so it is expected that the attack surfaces are increasing as well as hacking activities will move up. In this fractured world with this pandemic day hacking is creating more problems than expected. 

Organizations will probably make a huge investment in cybersecurity but this will not happen immediately. The rising of cybersecurity should be done without any lagging.


September 24


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