Thursday, December 9, 2021
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Notsize0: Redefining the definition of plus-size fashion

 “Somwya tells us it takes one reason to find purpose to do something.” She  is a passionate fashion designer, talented and creative personality with a...

This Woman Entrepreneur led the way for change in Footwear

Being a graphic designer and commercial artist Trishla dabbled in hair accessories for kids but was always obsessed with footwear and challenged why it...

This startup innovating new concepts in Apparels

Experience of a flourishing history of the family business into retail textile, Pushpak gained knowledge of this field & thus his interest to bring...

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Falguni Nayar

Nykaa advertiser and (CEO) Falguni Nayar :- India’s most extravagant independent lady advertiser with...

This likewise makes Nayar the second richest lady advertiser in the country behind Savitri Jindal, administrator emeritus of O P Jindal bunch organizations. As...

Success stories of India’s Top Women Entrepreneurs who inspire to never give up

As time changes, the emergence of women entrepreneurs in India has shown that women in business are able to match the success of their...

Startups Shaping the Future of Healthcare Care From A.I. chatbots to virtual medical procedure

"The fourth modern age is here," says Daniel Kraft, a medical services futurist and clinical specialist. "It's changing how we finish our computerized banking,...
Brand Image

All You Need To Know About Brand Image

Brand image plays an important role in defining which brands can greatly survive and succeed in the markets. Brand image is all about how...