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Shaadi.com: A Bachelor Finds Success As An Online Matrimonial Matchmaker

Anupam Mittal - Shaadi.com

Dating. It's been a rough ride for bachelors of all ages. Shaadi.com defied the odds and emerged as a beacon of hope, optimistically solving the chronic problem of finding a compatible life partner in an efficient way.

Shaadi.com is an online matrimonial matchmaker that has revolutionized the way people search for love and life-long partnerships.

Since 1996, people all over the world have trusted Shaadi.com, the world’s oldest and most successful matchmaking service, to help them find their soulmates online. Hundreds of thousands of individuals have found their life partners and countless others have acquired some very special friends as a result of groundbreaking matchmaking service.

By 2008, it was a successful venture in becoming the world’s leading matrimonial website for Asians and had around 20 million customers by 2011. Its main objective is to offer a superior matchmaking experience to Indians all over the world.

Shaadi.com has revolutionized the way people meet for marriage, touching the lives of 3.5 crores (35 million) people across the world and assisting millions of people in finding their soul mates. 

Shaadi.com was recently named one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies by Fast Company and awarded the Best Matrimonial Site  Reader’s Choice Award by About.com, among many other honors.

How it all started Shaadi.com:

It all started when the internet became available, and in 1996-97, Anupam Mittal, a resident of the United States, decided to launch an online marriage website. Anupam was a product manager for Microstrategy, a business intelligence software startup. 

He met a traditional matchmaker by happenstance one day. He inquired about the matchmaker’s approach to the new concept of a home-to-home marriage. He inquired about the number of persons who participate in the house-to-home marriage matchmaking process and was told that the figure was between 50 and 60.

 So, by combining one item with another, he came up with the new concept of a matrimonial website, which was conceptualized and launched as an experiment in 1997. Anupam invested all of his money in the startups.

 Later, he changed the name of the website from Sagaai.com to Shaadi.com. He had to spend huge money to buy the domain Shaadi.com because the domain owner was unwilling to negotiate with him.

Shaadi.com Founder: Anupam Mittal

Any notion that Anupam Mittal is the worst advertisement for his company makes him sneer. He is the creator and CEO of shaadi.com, the “oldest and most successful” online marriage service worldwide, at the age of 39. (Shaadi is Hindi for wedding.) and the fun fact is Anupam is a bachelor himself. 

He founded the company under the People Group umbrella with the simple objective of offering “a superior matchmaking experience by broadening the chances available to meet possible soulmates or you can say, life partners.” He describes himself as an “explorer, entrepreneur, and eternal optimist person.”

More than 2 million people have been paired through the platform, which recently marked its 15th anniversary of venture. According to Mittal, the website controls 40% of the $1 billion Indian matchmaking market.

How Does Shaadi.com Work?

1) Members Numbering in the Millions:

With over 35 million people in their database, you have a huge selection of communities to choose from and a massive NRI database to help you discover your life partner with the help of the World’s Largest Matchmaking Service.

2) System for Strict Profile Screening:

The company CRM team is dedicated to ensuring that every profile posted on Shaadi.com is thoroughly reviewed properly, ensuring that you continue to have a pleasant partner search experience.

3) Technology used for Search:

The company personalization, filtering, and blocking mechanisms are all designed to ensure that you only get matches that are relevant to you.

4) Controls for security and privacy:

The member’s safety and privacy are prior at Shaadi.com. As the world’s first IS0 9001:2008 accredited matchmaking portal, you can enable you to choose who gets your contact information.

5) Effective Communication:

Members can be contacted by email, phone, or chat through the portal! Shaadi Speak instantly lets you connect with online members, allowing you to identify and chat with potential life partners, improving your overall matchmaking experience.

Shaadi.com: Revenue model

Users can pay for a premium membership, Its plans include Gold, Gold+, Diamond, Diamond+, and Platinum which come in a variety of options. The platform’s registration is free, but if a person is interested in a person’s profile, they must upgrade to a premium membership to contact that individual.

The portal provides a number of premium membership options. The gateway began as an experiment, but it has now impacted the lives of over 35 million users worldwide. The Indian matchmaking sector is worth over $1 billion, and Shaadi.com controls around 40% of it. 

Pricing Tier Available At Shaadi.com:




12 months

Platinum Plus


12 months



6 months

Diamond Plus


6 months



3 months

Gold Plus


3 months



According to Statista, Revenue in the Matchmaking segment will be $292.10 million in 2023. With an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 0.91%, the market volume will reach $302.90 million by 2027. The number of users will grow to 29.4 million by 2027.

Shaadi.com – Marketing Strategy:

Shaadi.com strives to engage its audience on a daily basis by taking initiative to solve real-life problems that individuals encounter in their personal lives, such as Love, Marriage, the Dowry system, etc.

Its campaign raises awareness about the issue in society, and the social media platform obtains a lot of customer involvement as a result of the campaign, which is focused on social concerns such as dowry, child marriage, and women empowerment.

Another attempt was launched to increase its customer base and to keep the users entertained, the firm has taken several initiatives which include the opening of 123 Shaadi.com centres across 72 Indian cities with headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

They plan to expand the centre's numbers to 250 counts.

 Games are hosted regularly on their social media accounts to keep the customers engaged along with creating awareness in society towards marriages and issues related to women. It used a ‘Dowry calculator’ to highlight the social evils prevailing in society which was appreciated by many people from more than 35 countries.

Social Media Campaigns: #FastForHer and #WohEkBaat

The matchmaking platform took a bold step by starting taking a step towards spreading awareness about the gender inequalities prevailing in society through social media channels. 

Questions were asked to people over social media channels like Facebook and Twitter using polls. The campaign received a massive response as more than 18,72,272 people took the pledge on fastforher.com.

The hashtag #Fastforher kept trending and got over 78 million impressions. More than 20000 posts were shared on Facebook and got around 6500 re-tweets.

For Valentine's day 2019, Shaadi.com came up with an Instagram-based campaign #WoEkBaat to showcase the brand as a celebrator of love stories. It highlighted around 6 million of its success stories on the platform. 

This activity was driven by influencer couples on Instagram who talked about the one thing that got them and their partner together and their stories.

Shaadi.com Mission and Vision:

The company's ambition is for a future where finding a life partner is as rewarding as finding a soul mate. Shaadi.com’s purpose is to improve people’s matchmaking experiences by searching for online partners by increasing the opportunity to meet possible life partners and get a satisfying relationship.

 Superior technology, in-depth research, valuable matrimonial content & services, and, most all, the best quality of customer service provided with a sense of warmth, understanding, respect, and corporate spirit are all part of the mission.

Shaadi.com’s world-class technology service provider and the organisation’s goals are based on in-depth study and knowledge of their clients.

Challenges faced by Shaadi.com

The biggest challenge for Shaadi.Com and other players in the industry is the increasing commodification of the service in the Technology industry.

One of the biggest threats to tie-up with the local players in the export market for Shaadi.Com is the threat of losing IPR (intellectual property rights).

Even at present Shaadi.Com is still the leader in service innovation in the Computer Services segment. It is facing stiff challenges from worldwide and local competitors.

Shaadi.com - Future Plans:

The founder, Anupam Mittal,  said in an interview that "We are profitable and will be IPO-ready in about 12 months, and it's a good position to be in." The business, now, doesn't need funding, Mittal added, The founder withheld further information on the IPO as well.

After more than a decade of pausing, the matrimonial service website Shaadi.com is considering making a second effort to start its initial public offering (IPO). 

In 2009 it launched its initial effort to go public. Shaadi.com's initial IPO effort was made with the aim of diluting between 15 to 20% of the People Group, Shaadi.com's parent company,'s share. Shaadi.com is getting ready to introduce new services such as one of which is Shaadi Live, according to him. Another will enable virtual face-to-face meetings between matches.

Shaadi.com - Competitors in the market

  • Jeevansathi.com

  • BharatMatrimony.com

  • TeluguMatrimony.com

  • TamilMatrimony.com

  • Bandhan.com,

  • CommunityMatrimony.com

  • DivorceeMatrimony.com

  • Matrimonials India.com

Shaadi.com Awards and Recognitions:

  • Won an award for Best Social Media Campaign – Social Cause. 

  • Shaadi.com has received an award at the IDMA for the second year in a row.

  • The ‘Best Use of Social Media in Marketing Award.’ 

  • In the 2011 About.com Readers’ Choice Awards, Shaadi.com was named the Best Matrimonial Website. 

  • Shaadi.com was chosen from hundreds of nominations and garnered significant votes.

  • The 2012 Internationalist Awards for Innovative Digital Marketing Solutions awarded Shaadi.com’s Angry Brides campaign.

  • Shaadi.com was a first-time competitor, competing against roughly 200 other companies from more than 30 countries.


Shaadi.com is a website trusted by millions of members who had excellent matchmaking experiences. Shaadi.com offers firm profile screening processes, security and privacy restrictions, and other unique features. 

Compared to other dating services, Shaadi.com assures that each member’s pairing trip is worthwhile.

So, if you’re looking for a soulmate, Shaadi.com is the place for you. With all of the features available and the certainty of absolutely meeting the one you are waiting for, Shaadi.com is without a doubt a key to getting your life partner!

FAQ's on Shaadi.com:

What is Shaadi.com and How do you use it?

Shaadi.com appears to be easy to use. You only need to sign up for the account and complete the registration process to begin using the site’s services.

Is shaadi.com a free service?

Well, most of the functions are available for free for you. However, if you want to begin discussions with other members or use more premium features, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership.

Is Shaadi.com really effective?

Without a doubt. With millions of users having their partners, you’re sure to discover someone who shares your interests.


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