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Notsize0: Redefining the definition of plus-size fashion

 Somwya tells us it takes one reason to find purpose to do something.”

She  is a passionate fashion designer, talented and creative personality with a welcoming heart who decided to be in this field for a reason. Somwya just launched her fashion brand  for Plus-size people to redefine plus-size clothing in most fashionable ways.To know more about her entrepreneurial journey and launch let’s read further.

Being a plus-size herself she had faced a lot of difficulties in choosing clothes that fitted her and society’s view. All these could not break her spirit, though there were times she was left disappointed. But her hunger for creating value for all individuals like her, was much higher than the obstacles she was facing. Thus, on  17 October 2020  her journey took a new step.

She launched her brand ‘Notsize0’ website Virtually, to make this launch a grand success guest from different fields joined her. The main guest for the launch was a Celebrity Actor Delnaaz Irani. She shared her strong and insightful opinions for the same and supported Somwya enthusiastically. 

Many respected personalities from different segments joined the launch to support Somwya in full-force. Mr. Hardeep Arora (Fashion choreographer and Founder of Maven Ms. Plus Size India), Dr. Satnam Deucchakar (Co-Founder of Deucchakar Group UK), Seema Gumber (Boss Lady, Zee TV fame from Dilli Darlings and Director of Star Buzzz Events), Pallavi Agarwal (Plussize Model, Dancer, and Entrepreneur), Anu Singh Bagal (CEO & Managing Director at AB Consulting and Founder of Le Amanah), Sonal Mahendru (Plussize Model and Influencer), Chetna Chauhan (Fashion Model, Actor, and Body positivity Influencer), and Sushmita Godayal (Plussize Model, Influencer, Actor and Writer).

Somwya is coming up with her beautiful, elegant, and classy designs that help you to stand out from the crowd. Her definition of plus size is different from the existing definition in the market. “For her, plus size is not being fat and chubby, it’s about having an abnormal fat in your body at some point.”  She says everyone has one part of the body that has major fat and to help them to be confident in their shape and size, she has come up with a brand that helps them to dress up most fashionably. 

The uniqueness of Somwya’s work is that along with designing plus-size clothes she also introduces grooming sessions to help individuals to accept themselves just the way they are and understand what is their body type and how it works. 

She has a team of beautiful and talented models Dr. Nancy Pathak, Sakshi, Jeesha Chowdhury, Anamika, who are playing a major role in changing the definition of plus-size and encouraging people to accept themselves just the way they are. 

Startups like “NotSize0” is a positive step against the social stigma around overweight people.


November 2


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