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Classplus: Empowering Teachers To Go Online

Classplus_ Empowering Teachers To Go Online

The education industry has gone through various changes in the last 4 years. Learning has been changing to virtual classrooms, e-books replace physical books, and assessments are conducted using webcams, Zoom, Google meet and many more. 

The power of technology has unleashed its potential in classrooms, giving teachers the confidence to customize their classrooms while also empowering students to work at their own pace. ClassPlus makes it easy for teachers to create their own online coaching apps that let them teach asynchronously, reduce bustle during lectures and increase student engagement.

Today’s education has been massively transformed and students are now more comfortable with online coaching than with physical methods. Interested in learning how you can teach your students online and grow your online coaching business? Read on.

Today, a student needs tutoring for almost every other subject. Sometimes they even find it difficult to manage different tuition while on other occasions they struggle to get desired learnings from online tutoring. This leads to unsatisfying students and switching tutors, which ultimately leads to wasting the students' time and hinders their performance. 

To overcome these challenges, Classplus was founded in 2018 to cater to all the learning requirements of the students. Classplus is a coaching management program that helps to digitize coaching class operations. Classplus also provides personalized online educational content for students and helps lift students' performance across the country.

ClassPlus incorporates features like virtual one-on-one interactions between teacher and student, multiple language support for different countries, video conferencing tools, real time analytics & feedback system that makes it easier for educators to measure success. It helps improve communication between teacher and student and provides online tutoring options that allows students from all over the world the flexibility to ask questions or receive help from an expert using this platform.

Moreover, Classplus brings cutting edge technology into the gartder such as whiteboard collaboration & screen sharing capabilities, interactive sessions with collaborative usage of code examples etc., making it easier for instructors to give clearer instructions. It is absolutely no brainer investment when it comes to creating your own web apps & connecting with a global audience. With its hybrid cloud architecture integrated with artificial intelligence capabilities, Classplus offers unique opportunities for leading remote education initiatives in this digital age.

About Classplus

Classplus is a mobile-first SaaS platform that helps coaching institutions, tuition centers and private tutors to bring their businesses online and streamline their content material, payments, communication, and online assessments through the all-in-one teaching app. 

Classplus provides the best management software and mobile application service for coaching institutes, tuition centers, and private tutors. The teaching and learning approaches have been reformed with the innovative technology and unique features of Classplus, thereby empowering the education system to become future-ready.

Classplus - Founders

Mukul Rustagi, Bikash Dash, Vatsal Rustagi, Nikhil Goel and Bhaswat Agarwal are the founders of Classplus Ed- a tech educational website.

1) Mukul Rustagi

He is the co-founder & CEO of Classplus. He has completed his Bachelor's Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, after which he worked as the Design Engineer Summer Internship at ISA - Intelligent Sensing Anywhere.

He is also working as  Equity Research Analyst at ARC Financial Services Private Limited and also as a Derivatives Analyst at Futures First.

2) Bhaswat Agarwal

He is currently the co-founder of Classplus. He completed his B.E. in Electronics and Communication. Today, he is looking after the operations and service of Classplus. He was even working as the Technology Strategist at Microsoft.

3) Vatsal Rustagi

Vatsal Rustagi is one of the co-founders of Classplus. He got his Bachelor's Degree from Delhi College of Engineering. Today, he is the co-founder of FactoryPlus as well. Before founding Classplus he managed the Industrial Switchgear Sales at Havells India Ltd. 

He served as the Business Head at LocoNav Inc. after that he exited Classplus in March 2018. He eventually served as the Head - Of credit Cards at Happay - Expense Management Solution for Businesses and eventually started with FactoryPlus, after founding the company in June 2021.

4) Bikash Dash

He was also one of the co-founders and CTO of Classplus. He got his B.Tech in Computer Science. Dash is also one of the co-founders of FactoryPlus and later he left Classplus in April 2018.

5) Nikhil Goel

Nikhil Goel was another co-founder. He pursued his Bachelor's in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Currently, he is the CEO of GOKADA. He has previously been the Co-founder of DropCalorie. 

Nikhil, after leaving Classplus, became the General Manager of Online Ordering at Zomato, then later he became the Head of New Verticals at SafeBoda, and today he joined as the Vice President of Operations at GOKADA.

Classplus - Startup Story

Back in 2007 New Delhi Mukul Rustagi and Bhaswat Agarwal both used to study at the same IITJEE coaching centre which went shut for 10 months before their final exam date. 

The reason is that the coaching institute's owners find it boring to keep track of the performance and attendance of their growing number of students, so they knew it was time to embrace technology.

That's when Rustagi and Agarwal realised the need to develop and scale B2B service in EdTech to solve the potential problem of teachers and students. Mukul went to IIT-Roorkee and Bhaswat went to Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology in Delhi for their bachelor's degree. Later in 2015, they both teamed up to work together and launched Classplus in 2018.

Why choose Classplus?

Classplus has made it very simple and convenient for teachers to manage their classrooms through a mobile app with outstanding technology. More than 1 Lakh educational institutions have benefited from Classplus and seen booming growth in their online coaching business.

Classplus enables teachers to create customized lessons for their students and effectively manage every management related to learning. Student performance analysis, fee payments, assessments, and many more. can be operated.

Classplus offers amazing features which aim to bring the topmost security to your digital data. It has privacy control and you get all the control over the accessibility of your data to your faculties. 

Classplus, the most efficient online learning management platform, aims to offer a hassle-free experience to students and teachers across the globe by providing numerous features.

Features offered by Classplus

Managing your whole classroom and related activities using a single app requires various integrated features to offer teachers and students a consistent and smooth experience. Classplus comes up with various amazing features to grow your online business. 

You can create educational-related content of various types. This includes uploads on your app for your students and performing their progress,  assessments to analyze their progress. It helps you to process creating reviews, track students’ attendance, etc. and simplifies everything.

Apart from uploading pre-recorded videos, you can even connect with your students through live class sections. The automatic recording feature helps record and upload live sessions to make them available for your students anytime anywhere. 

Online assessments for online coaching can be conducted easily. And you can create and upload a question paper for evaluations instantly without wasting time. You don’t have to spend your time checking their answers manually and everything is done automatically. Your only job is to upload the question papers and students can attempt them anytime anywhere. 

You can track all your student’s performance using the dashboard available in your application. You will automatically get reports and analyses of your student’s performance through which you can track their result. The data analytics tools used by the app give you an accurate analysis of every student’s performance.

With Classplus you can quickly sell your online service to students worldwide through its eCommerce platform. You can successfully market your courses, assignments and lectures by creating coupons and notifying your students about all your classes. 

Your learning app comes with a specially designed website to list your lectures, courses and their details. Students will be able to look at your systems, enrol in them, download the application, and even contact you.

  • Communication with parents

Classplus has an innovative attendance feature where parents can see their child’s attendance and monthly reports. They get personalized essays which elaborate on their child’s performance. 

You can communicate and chat with the parents through the parent communication mode. Students and parents don’t need to worry about fee payment deadlines and installments. They will get notified of the fee payments, receipts, and installments by their learning app.

How does Classplus make money?

The revenue model of Classplus is based on subscription fees. The subscription fees of this platform begin from Rs 15,000 and can go up to Rs 50,000. The fees depend upon the services needed by the teachers.

Last year in 2022, Classplus made a revenue of $ 95.2 million. The company has raised $70 million in its latest round of funding co-led by Alpha Wave Global and Tiger Global.

According to the company, 75% of its teacher base comes from Tier 2 Indian cities and over.

Marketing Strategy of Classplus

Classplus advertises by using social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The company has also posted videos on YouTube explaining how its channels have helped many teachers go online. The brand ambassador of Classplus is Sourav Ganguly Indian cricketer.

In January 2021, Classplus launched a two-part series ad campaign with Saurav Ganguly where was tells the struggles faced by teachers teaching offline and in the ad, he tells the advantages of Classplus and how online teaching is the future. This was one of the most successful marketing campaigns launched by Classplus.

Last year on the occasion of women's day Classplus launched a video campaign highlighting challenges faced by women in the education industry. This marketing campaign showed that still, women have to meet gender norms.

Classplus has helped these female teachers by offering them the same technology that they have provided to the men. This marketing campaign was also very successful.

The company also has an affiliate program that has helped boost its sales. Apart from advertising, many teachers are happy with the services provided by Classplus. Even word-of-mouth marketing has helped the company increase its reach.

Classplus - Competitors

  • Ethena

  • Learn In

  • Aanaab

  • BabySparks

  • BYJU'S

  • Unacademy


Classplus focuses on digitising the learning experience and transforming it to the next level. It focuses on eliminating the effort and time spent by the teachers on managing the boring activities of a classroom. 

Teachers can spend time designing learning patterns and crafting new learning ways to improve their teaching. You can have your own coaching app and transform your online coaching business to the peak using the various spectacular features provided by Classplus.

FAQ's on Classplus:

Who is the founder of Classplus?

The Founders of Classplus are Mukul Rustagi, Vatsal Rustagi, Bikash Dash, Nikhil Goel and Bhaswat Agarwal.

How does Classplus work?

Classplus empowers today's tutors and institutions to manage their classrooms via a mobile app.

They can simply:  

  • Download the Classplus Lite app from Playstore

  • Invite and connect with students

  • Start Teaching

Is Classplus free?

Classplus Lite is a free app for teachers to teach and engage with their students.


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