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Bhaskar Puran Poli Ghar from selling puran poli on a bicycle to Coming Shark Tank India Season 2

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  • Bhaskar Puran Poli Ghar from selling puran poli on a bicycle to Coming Shark Tank India Season 2
Puran Poli Ghar - Bhaskar

KR Bhaskar, who came from Karnataka, runs his own brand named ‘Puranpoli Ghar of Bhaskar’. Today they are earning crores every month by selling snacks called Puranpoli.

Their outlets are across Karnataka and Maharashtra and are so popular. His business is making a net profit of 3.6 crores in this financial year.  He has reached the heights of success today, but this journey was not so easy for him. 

Bhaskar told in the Shark tank India Season 2  that 25 years ago he used to work as a waiter in a hotel in Bangalore, India when he was 12 years old. For five years, he worked in a hotel where he used to clean tables and utensils. Then he worked as a dance instructor for 8 years. He opened a pan shop, but nothing much was being earned in all this. 

When Bhaskar was 23, he started selling Puran Poli on a bicycle on the streets of Mumbai. Today he has become a businessman who has business worth crores.

He told me how he got selected for a cooking show which made him famous. Gradually Bhaskar established his brand in the nation. 

Today Bhaskar opens its new outlet every 8 months across the nation. Today he has 17 shops and more than 10 franchisees in Karnataka itself. His monthly earnings from these shops are close to 18 crores.

Bhaskar with his hard work made Bhaskar Puranpoli Ghar a profit-making venture. Now two more partners have joined him, who are expanding their business in Maharashtra today. Bhaskar’s venture sells more than 1000 Puran Poli every day. Apart from puranpoli, their outlets sell over 400 snacks.


KR Bhaskar of Karnataka set up a company worth crores who once worked as a waiter. His food chain runs in Karnataka and Maharashtra. Bhaskar Woh Shark Tank India may not get investment from the sharks, but his story has won hearts.


January 13


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