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Digital marketing for MSME’s in 2021 – Tarun Goel

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Tarun Goel

How Digital Marketing will benefit small and medium businesses in 2021?

Let’s begin with the facts and numbers, the world’s total population is 7,800,000,000 ( 7.8 Billion ), out of which 3.5 Billion+ people are having access to the Internet, either via Social Media or Search Engines or by other methods according to the Internet. 

If I talk about India only, there are over 687.6 million internet users and according to data estimations calculated by the Atlas VPN research team, these figures are going to hit 1 Billion by the year 2025. That means more than 30 crore Indians are going to come on the Internet, which is a huge number for any sort of Business to grow!

Let me give a simple example, If you’re a business owner who manufactures his/her products ( eg. clothing line) where you sell your products in bulk with very small margins, you can do a few changes to your distribution system by selling your products directly to the customer! 

How? By using an E-comm website! This way you can sell products with higher margins, you just need to establish yourself as a brand. This will increase your customer loyalty towards you, Customers would proudly use your product just as brands( like COBB). 

I know this ain’t that easy as it sounds, it requires experience, money, time, and other resources, but nowadays, even the traditional ways aren’t that easy nor are they that much cost-effective. It costs at least 50,000/- per month to rent a shop in a busy market, where a businessman can think about selling and making small profits that too after a year or so. Whereas, if that cost is invested in marketing/ branding of a less known product that ROI could be a lot more! 

There are a lot more real-life examples I’ve seen from my own eyes where Digital Marketing has been a game-changer for that business, to name a few food businesses in Delhi: Woodbox Cafe, Wong’s Kitchen, Baba ka Dhaba, etc.

A few Cosmetics businesses: Wow, Nykaa, etc.

Footwear Businesses: Roadster Shoes etc.

Business Trainers who went digital and started doing their sessions Online: Vivek Bindra, Rahul Bhatnagar, etc. The use of Internet Marketing has completely changed the way that these businesses used to operate, even small businesses can get benefited from Digital Marketing!

Let’s Talk about it, will it become a necessity?

Well, the answer for 95% of businesses would be YES, there might be only a handful of businesses that can not be benefitted from Digital Marketing, neither in sales nor in Marketing nor Branding. As we all know that India is advancing very fast in this Digital Age, where everything is going Digital, we have transformed our way of doing businesses in this year 2020, thanks to Corona Pandemic Situation, where even the most stubborn people were forced to either go online else putting a pause to their businesses! 

In my opinion Year, 2020 is an Alarm for all of us to realise that if we are not inculcating Digital Marketing Methods or Electronic Means to operate then we might go out of business very soon!

In this lockdown year we saw a major decline in most of the businesses which were completely functioning in traditional ways, but the ones which were Online or using Online means they weren’t affected much rather some of them grew in many aspects to name a few big players in the market are: Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Mukesh Ambani.

In the end, all I want to say is, it might not seem very important to traditional businesses to go Online TODAY, but honestly one day they will have to shift themselves online just to sustain in the market.

Remember: “ Prevention is always better than cure!”, Don’t wait for others to overtake you, go on the Internet search how your business can use Digital Marketing to get more revenue ASAP!


January 24


Govind Dadhich, Founder

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