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The Mindset Factors: Why it Matters

The Mindset Factors_ Why it Matters

How much time goes into thinking before you act? Are you always looking at the bigger picture or focusing on the immediate situation? This video will explain the difference between the two mindsets and how they impact our daily lives.

The way we approach problems is influenced by our personal values and beliefs. Some habits are formed from early childhood and some come later in life. Both influence us in ways large and small. For example, someone who feels confident in their ability to solve problems will take action sooner, whereas someone who avoids conflict might procrastinate until things get out of hand.

People often don't realize the effect they have on themselves and others. They fail to see the ripple effect of their actions. As a result, they miss opportunities to live life fully.  

Mindset matters because it affects the quality of the decision-making you make in your life. You can have both a mindset and a positive mindset and a negative mindset, you're more able to make decisions that are in your best interest. On the other hand, if you have a negative mindset, you're more likely to make decisions that are not in your best interest. 

Your mindset plays an important role in how you cope with life's challenges. When a kid has a growth mindset tends to have a hunger for learning and a desire to work hard and discover new things. This often translates into academic growth and achievement.

As adults, these same things are more possible to persevere in the face of setbacks. Adults with a growth mindset view it as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Mindset: what is it and why does it matter?

Your mindset is a set of beliefs that are built and a reaction to how you make sense of the world and yourself. It influences how you think, feel, and behave in any situation you face in your life. It means that what you believe about yourself impacts your success or failure in life. Your mindset plays an important role in determining achievement and success.

Mindsets can influence how people behave in different situations in life. For example, as people encounter different situations, their minds can trigger a specific mindset reaction that then directly impacts their behaviour in that specific situation. 

And why your mindset matters, is because processing ultimately shapes our emotional experience. A great way to instill an opportunity mindset is to seek out those who are pursuing the opportunity, refusing to become the victims of any situation.

Investing in these five mindsets will enhance your business and your personal life

1. Self-trust mindset

To take any decision in your life. You have to be able to trust yourself and believe in your capabilities of dealing with the situation. You have to be confident to banish any negative voices in your head. Don't give up on the good things you believe in and most importantly, don't give up on yourself.

2. Goal-setting mindset

Knowing what you want in life and willing to reach it are two different things. When you are clear with your goals, they motivate you. Remember, if it doesn't challenge you, it won't pressure you to achieve it. Set high goals and don't stop until you reach them.

3. Patient mindset

There's a thin line between moving forward and waiting still. The most successful people do all they can to move forward, but they also have the patience to wait and watch and get successful. Sometimes in life and career, you have to wait for the right thing.

4. Courageous mindset

Doing anything in life requires courage, but fear always has a way of showing up in your mind. Courage does not mean being unafraid of problems; having courage and showing courage means facing your fears. Courage is like having the strength to face challenges.

5. Learning mindset

Just because you are struggling to achieve something, that doesn't mean you're not learning. Every failure has something to teach you, and everything you learn helps you to grow. 

Factors influence your mindset

1. Personality

Your Personality traits show up through your mindsets. Our mindsets influence everything in our lives! And our thinking determines our mindsets. Our mindset can come from many influences, both inside ourselves and outside forces. One of those inside influences can be a person’s general personality. 

2. Your Surroundings environment

Where and whom you surround yourself with can also affect your mindset. Surrounding yourself with positive people can give you a positive mindset. And if you are surrounded by negative people it can affect your growth in life as well. To keep your mindset positive you can even use tools to help you to stay happy in life such as bullet journals and other Journaling tools.

3. Family & Friends

Family and Friends can affect your mindset, strongly in both ways negatively and positively. We often have to work extra hard when it comes to family and trying to stop negative thought processes to keep our mindset focused and where it's required to be.

The most significant way to overcome negativity about family & friends is Forgiveness. Forgiveness is not easy, it is often a journey, and usually takes time but you have to learn how to forgive which can save your relationship with them.

4. Arguments

Arguments certainly negatively affect your mindset. Arguments can affect the way we react to our next action which also affects the outcome of each step, failure, or success. You can overcome mindset changes due to arguments. 

5. Jealousy 

It is very easy, especially in business, to feel the perceived competition and jealousy. We tend to compare ourselves to others, basic human nature. It’s one thing to do competitive research and yet another to try to feel positive. We each have gifts and talents to offer others and achieve success.

Benefits of having a growth career mindset

  1. You view obstacles and challenges in work tasks and responsibilities and/or the workplace as an opportunity for learning, new skills, becoming more adaptable, developing your ability to operate in other job roles, etc.
  2. A career growth mindset helps you to put effort into developing yourself and will help you to be successful in the long term. 
  3. You understand that feedback provides you with valuable insights and targeted areas for ongoing learning and development in your career.
  4. You get to understand that people who are doing what you’d love to be doing are not competitors but rather those best placed to help you achieve your goals – as such, you see others who are successful in their careers.
  5. It gives you basic ideas that can be nurtured and are adaptable, and a dedication to becoming wiser, more talented, and better in all aspects are the building blocks of a growth mindset.
  6. According to Dweck’s research, people with a ‘growth mindset’ believe that their most basic abilities can be developed via hard work and devotion.

Learning is facilitated by a growth mindset

A growth mindset makes you open to learning new skills and helps you to find that you can gain new skills if you are interested in learning new things. You will strive to accomplish the goals that you set for yourself in life.

A growth mindset is when individuals believe their talents and abilities can be grown. They think they can do this by learning skills through learning practice, and effort and gaining more knowledge about that talent or ability. 

In the growth mindset, you will collaborate, share information, get feedback, and admit errors. A growth mindset promotes risk-taking without worrying about failure because mistakes represent a chance to learn.

Success is determined by your mindset

Mindset is the engine that controls our actions, habits, patterns and the things we do daily. Of course, those daily habits are what create the outcomes in our life in the long term. People with a growth mindset believe that you can develop your talents, skills and abilities with hard work and effort. 

 The following mindset determines what leads to success:

  • Although they understand that everyone has to start somewhere, they believe that what matters is what you do with what you have. This mentality leads to success:

  • Feeling enthusiastic about learning and growing.

  • Accepting challenges and learning from them. They consider obstacles to improvement opportunities.

  • Considering failure is part of their journey to success. 

  • Learning from constructive criticism and being inspired by other people’s success journeys.

How does your mindset affect your behaviour

Our complete belief system is formed from a lifetime of experiences and memories. These influences on our actions every single day in our unconscious mind plays an important role in shaping our behaviour and attitude, because it may contain feelings and hidden memories.

Your brain triggers a mindset that offers a thought, belief, feeling, or attitude. This mindset influences how you will engage at the moment presented. Simply put, your behaviour is directly influenced by the mindset you adopt in each moment.


Choosing to be positive is important and having a good attitude will determine a lot about your life. If you set your mind to positivity it gives you great success.  Start building your new mindset today.

Think of the thoughts that will help you move toward your goals. Having a motivation mindset is intrinsically connected and it can affect everything in business such as work habits, results, engagement, and culture. 

FAQ's on Mindset:

How important is a mindset in success?

Mindsets play an important role in determining life's outcomes. By understanding, adapting and shifting your mindset, you can improve your health, and decrease your stress.

How do mindsets affect achievement in real life?

It influences how you think, feel, and behave in any situation of life.

How does mindset affect student success?

In 2018 studies show 600,000 15-year-old students from 78 countries, including the US, found that students with a growth mindset performed dramatically better than those with fixed mindsets. 


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