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How women can become financially strong – Gemini Dhar

Gemini Dhar

“Dreaming big is beautiful and it could be the wind beneath your wings. And yet, taking that courage to flap your wings and fly into the open wind may need skill, courage, beliefs, and much more.”

How much longer can you fly, how often do you need to rest and when do you fly higher? What does it take to be on top of the world and stay there?

Numerous questions said at a loss of answers. Well, from my experience with working and interacting with thousands of people, especially women, I found some basic habits that we can imbibe to make sure our foundation is stable and every milestone planned is achieved, without compromising our mental health or physical health.

As humans, we have an affinity towards a particular part of our lives. Some of us are creative. Some of you may be logical, creating success for yourself in the field you are passionate about. I have seen women from all struts of life.

For example, some are excellent with their skills yet miserably struggling with money issues. I meet successful rich women who still haven’t taken charge of their finances and some have lost it all as they struggle with health or relationship issues.

Life can be tough not for those who are struggling, it could be tough for even those who “have it all”.

No matter what age you are, your financial strength has a lot to do with your beliefs and with your habits of treating your money.

Money Wiring:-

When we talk about money the first thing discussed in the coaching industry is money wiring. Money wiring comes from the mindset of three generations. By being aware of who you are and how your beliefs empower or disempower you will give you more clarity.

I was wired to give, I was wired to save, I was wired to earn what I lacked but I was not wired to protect my money nor did I choose to educate myself towards planning. I earned in crores and was at a point in my life that I lost it all. It shattered me, but only for three months.

Building Mindset:-

I was blessed to have started my inner work and rebuilding my mindset, my habits, and structuring all my knowledge to form a system for other women entrepreneurs.

I decided to take charge of my finances and rebuild my life, ignoring the circumstances I had previously felt stuck in.

Driving Force:-

The second most powerful step is having a driving force. Something that will make you jump out of bed every morning and want to go out there and leave a mark on the world.

My driving force was to leave a legacy behind and inspire my little ones to become the best versions of themselves. But you see, I am doing everything and I am not financially stable. My business needs more investment with the expenses at home are constantly increasing.

My children are my world and so is my mother. I need to stand strong again so that those who looked up to me could draw strength from me.

No voice in me told me to give up. So, I strongly advocate for women entrepreneurs to find their ‘WHY?’ That one force, one reason that drives them to perform at their peak.


The third most important part of finances is being ready to invest.

Investments are of various types:-

You invest in your personal growth and get an edge over the rest. You invest in your skills and keep refining your skills so that the confidence within you keeps you miles ahead.

You invest in a business and keep nurturing it by adding more innovation, research, and upgrading your marketing and sales through training and technology. You invest in branding that makes you rise higher than your competitors.

What most of us miss out on is investing in spirituality. I may sound like a healer or an advocate of spirituality. However, the fact remains that faith can move mountains.

I know of millionaires who have given up everything they have and gone on a solo trip far away from the corporate world for an indefinite time and came back.

Investment is a huge game-changer, a box where you can distribute your seeds and watch them flourish. Where you invest and how you reap the benefits, always depends on your intention.

When I coach women trying to find a work-life balance, it’s not unexpected to see the pain in their eyes. Young mothers struggling to make their children and businesses grow at the same time. The choices they make are no cakewalks.

Around 80% of them remain indecisive, not knowing what they could do in that given situation. This happens because there is no connection between what the heart wants and what the head wants.

Making great decisions is a lot less complex than you think. Taking charge is all about taking responsibility and making great decisions. Every decision you make helps you grow or keeps you stuck in your day-to-day struggles.

Women are really brave yet have their decisions suffer from the confidence they lack while making new decisions. As the implication of every decision could impact their finances, they are hesitant to invest. Making choices that put them in a stagnant place.

What you decide today builds your tomorrow. When in stagnancy or debt, look back to see what decisions you have been avoiding; what actions are yet to be taken; what part of your mindset you need to change; what will happen if you stay in the same spot for many more months or years to come.

The reality check normally comes in when you ask a lot of right questions. The cool composed entrepreneur sitting across me during my ‘Take Charge session’ has a lightbulb going off as soon as they spent less than 2 minutes on what caused their current state.

Clarity is the king. Clarity is the most crucial part when you want to grow your business and yourself by 5x or even 100x.

I have seen my clients surprise themselves with their potential. It’s all within you, all it takes is someone to take you through the right system.

Ask yourself:-

Am I giving my best? When your answer is in the affirmative, ask whether the results I get from the efforts I put in are truly proportional to my efforts? I have seen that question bring out hesitation almost every time I asked it.

The answer usually is, “I work hard. My product is amazing. I earn a lot of money. But…”

If your business is struggling, it means that there are a few checkpoints you could run through. I call it a business wheel, an improvement tool that’s simple and powerful.

It is a sort of self-assessment. Money is energy. It refuels and depletes. I believe that financial strength comes from the repetition of the appropriate formulas that give you a result every single time and does not depend on chance.

We often focus on what we do not have or do not know. I always say hire professionals for things you don't know and focus on things you are good at. Any area of your business that is ignored will cost you heavily. Ignorance is not bliss. I say – ignorance is self-sabotage.

Here are the few most important things women entrepreneurs can apply right away:-

1. Know where you want to go – get clarity.

2. Know why you want it – your driving force, your ‘why?

3. Find your money wiring – your beliefs.

4. Be a risk-taker – invest in personal and professional growth.

5. Make great decisions – delaying decisions is also damage.

6. Question your results and apply new strategies.

7. Working with professional coaches guarantees growth and progress.

8. Protect your earning – know the law, no taxes, and have multiple streams of income.

9. Find and stay among mindsets that have transformational and strong money beliefs.

10. Be accountable – track your progress and set milestones.

Keep ‘I CAN’ Attitude:-

The most important one, having an “I CAN” attitude and wait to see how things work in your favor. Identify your needs versus your wants. The gap you find is the money you save towards your financial strength.

A ‘take charge’ woman entrepreneur knows where she is headed, continually growing financially strong each day. Growing closer and closer to being able to choose the life she wants to truly live. You could become her today if you realize everything you need is deeply rooted inside you.


July 16


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