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Top 15 Solar Companies In India 2022

Top 15 Solar Companies In India 2022

India, with its massive economy and a significant population of over 1 billion, has always faced a shortage of energy. Even though the country is among the largest producers of electricity in the world, it has yet to be able to meet the electricity requirements of its increasing population. 

Currently, almost 53% of India’s energy requirements are met with coal; going by the predictions, the coal reserves of the country will not last beyond 2050. It is high time India moved to renewable ways to feed its population its fair share of electricity.

Solar power companies in India are one of the country’s fastest-growing sectors, with the top 15 solar companies in India dominating the market by expanding their sales across the country and spending extensively on R&D. 

Furthermore, due to the country’s geographical location in the tropics, the solar power sector in India offers massive opportunities for rapid growth in solar energy and solar panel manufacturer in India. 

The country gets more than 5000 trillion kWh of yearly radiation, which, if harnessed by the best solar companies in India, will provide a significant quantity of electricity.

Solar energy companies in India

They have emerged as the most viable and environment-friendly option for India to manage the energy requirements of one and all including the 50% of its rural inhabitants who still live without electricity. A typical solar system is very easy to set up and just install solar panels correctly in order for it to work. 

Nowadays people are already aware of its benefits and are really quick at setting their properties up with solar systems; in fact, the utilization of solar energy in India is nothing new and has existed in select locations for a long time now. However, here are the four main components that work in a solar energy system.

The Solar Energy System consists of 4 main components that work on a solar energy system.

  • Solar Panel

  • Solar Inverter

  • Solar Battery

  • Panel Stand, and

  • Solar Panel Installation Accessories

Solar Energy Systems are of different types and can be used as per your requirements and location. There are 2 types of Solar Energy Systems are:

  • Solar Panel with Battery (Off Grid Solar System)

  • Solar Panel without Battery (On Grid Solar System)

1) Tata Power Solar System Ltd

This company's expertise in solar energy services. Founded in 1989 and led by Mr Ajay Goel, Tata power offers worldwide services. It is headquartered in Noida. Tata Power Solar Systems Limited, known as Tata BP Solar. 

The company manufactures solar modules, cells, and other solar products, and offers EPC services for solar power projects. This company deals with rooftop solar panels for homes and other industrial places.

Tata Power Solar System Ltd has done the rooftop installation of solar panels in the Cricket Club of India (CCI), Mumbai stadium. It’s been claimed that it is the world’s largest solar rooftop in any cricket stadium.  

In February 2017, Tata Power Solar became the first Indian company to ship over 1 GW of solar modules across the globe. The company's manufacturing unit in Bangalore has a production capacity of 400 MW modules and 300 MW cells in India.

2) Plaza Solar

Based in New Delhi, Plaza Solar is a company that best buys solar panels for homes at affordable prices in India. Its solar PV module factory has one of the most technologically equipped facilities in its firm.

They have an ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturing facility in Katha, Baddi, Solan (HP) that generates 50MW of electricity annually.

The power output of the solar PV modules ranges from 3 Wp to 400 Wp and are all IEC and MNRE certified. Plaza Power & Infrastructure places a high value on ensuring that every one of its clients is completely satisfied.

3) Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar was founded in 2006 by Gyanesh Chaudhary as a manufacturer of solar modules since the time it moved into procurement, Engineering, construction management, and solar power plant operations & maintenance. This company is a manufacturer of solar modules.

 It has now also moved into engineering, construction, procurement, and solar maintenance. In 2015 the company built the first floating solar power plant in India.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance listed the company as India's only Tier 1 module manufacturer in February 2014.  

Today, they’re having around 750 MW of projects in India and other countries. The firm is regarded as a Tier 1 PV module producer due to its commitment to the highest levels of quality. The company crossed the 3GW capacity of supply in July 2021. In the USA, they supplied 4.3 MW of solar panels installed on the farm.

4) Emmvee Group

Emmvee group company is one of the leading floating solar structure manufacturers in India. Founded in 1992, the company is led by Mr D. V. Manjunatha. It is located in Bangalore, India and provides services worldwide.

Since its start, Solar Water Heating Systems and Photovoltaic Modules have been the cornerstones of the business. The solar panel market in India, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East and doing business with them. The company has set up a number of manufacturing sites in Karnataka to produce top solar panels only at affordable prices in India.

5) Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.

Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd. is a mon perc solar panels and AC Module manufacturer based in Haryana having a manufacturing capacity of 100 MW. The company founded in 2018 has become one of India's fastest-growing solar panel manufacturers because of a wide range of solar panels from 10 watts to 450 watts super high-efficiency panels.

Loom Solar was the first company in India that came up with Mono perc Cell Technology for Residential Home Owners and In 2020, it has brought suer high-efficiency module SHARK 430. The latest module comes with 9 Bus bars and a half-cut cell design, giving Solar Buyers 20-30% more efficiency than traditional Polycrystalline solar panels.

6) Waaree Energies Ltd

Waaree energies private limited is the best manufacturer of solar modules across the country. They also give other specifications and try to meet the demands of the customers. The company was founded in 1989.

Among other leading solar players in India, Waaree Energies is an Independent Power Producer and a provider of EPC services, development of projects, rooftop solutions, and solar water pumps. Waaree provides service in 20 countries across the world.

As the parent business of the Waaree Group, the company has its headquarters in Mumbai, India, it has India’s biggest solar panel production capacity of 2 GW.

7) Surana Ventures Ltd

This company provides height solar PV modules with the best and most affordable pricing. It is one of the top manufacturers of solar photovoltaic modules in India. The company also handles MW-scale power projects on a turnkey basis by the EPC team.

Surana Ventures Ltd was founded on November 8 2006. The company has undertaken backward integration by way of installing 35 MW PV Cell line from Germany at a cost of Rs 90 crore. Also, the company has undertaken the installation of a fully automated Solar Module Plant at a cost of Rs 10 crore. The company has already placed orders for 35 MW Cell line and the work relating to the provision of auxiliary facilities including the construction of buildings is in progress.

The company has planned for 30MW Power Projects in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamilnadu. Grid-Connected Solar Power Plants of 5MW each have been installed in the states of Gujarat and Telangana in India.

8) Alpex Solar

Alpex solar is based in New Delhi, but they also have offices in Jaipur, Ludhiana, and Mumbai, as well as a subsidiary in Seoul and Sydney. Alpex, established in 1997, is an international trading house with a varied portfolio of specialised products at the forefront of sustainable technology. 

Alex is a global player in the manufacture of highly specialized high-power photovoltaic modules and solar systems which are not only world-class but also affordable. A strict Quality Control System is applied to ensure 100% qualified modules are delivered.

Alpex Solar applies two stages (before & after lamination) of 100% EL test to filter out modules with micro-crack and other critical defects. 

9) Moser Baer solar company

The company was established in 1983, the company is based in New Delhi, India. It has successfully made its name in the solar panel market in a very short span of time. Moser Baer solar limited and Moser Baer India Limited are subsidiaries of the Moser Baer solar group of companies. It has 5 investors including Morgan Stanley and CDC group as well.

The company wants to give a comprehensive overview of solar cell manufacture which are Solar modules, monocrystalline panels, multi-crystalline modules, mono PERC solar panels, solar tiles, and roof shingles, and those are some of the best products of the Moser Baer solar company.

10) Websol Energy System Ltd

Websol energy system Ltd is the leading producer of solar modules for the industry worldwide. This photovoltaic company has had around 30% of annual growth in recent years. It was started in 1994, Websol has consistently offered its customers across the globe high-quality goods manufactured in a state-of-the-art integrated production facility in Falta, West Bengal.

Websol Energy is one of the few technologically autonomous makers of solar cells and modules in India. It has got various medals and accolades. In order to achieve the most demanding international quality needs, Websol crystalline PV modules are produced under tight technical criteria.

11) Photon energy system Ltd

The company works not only with solar panels but also in the renewable and environment-friendly sector. Gautham Nalamada was the founder of the company in 1995.

Solar PV modules, solar lanterns,  solar water pumps, solar street lights, solar rooftop power plants, solar megawatt power plants, and solar water heating systems are all part of the company’s three main verticals. It is also one of the fastest-growing and biggest companies in India.

12) SWELECT energy system Ltd

SWELECT energy system Ltd also has a strong image in the global market of solar modules. Within 37 years of hard work and dedication and with failures and successes, this company still is on the list of the topmost companies in India. 

The company is recognized as a Tier-1 Solar PV Module Manufacturer’. SWELECT energy system Ltd also got certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for Solar Photovoltaic Modules having high-efficiency, affordable PERC modules.

SWELECT has main strength is technical expertise that is backed by state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. It has a team of professionals to meet the demands of its customers through constant technical innovation, extensive knowledge, and a customer-centric approach.

13. Premier Solar System Pvt Ltd

It’s one of the oldest companies in India. It was founded in 1995. They believe in renewing the today and reimagining the tomorrow by offering poly crystalline Pv plaza solar panels and other products and services.

They made about 3 WW plants in Dehradun in 2017 which proved to be a great success for them. The company has acquired ISO 9001-2008 from IEC 61215 Ed 2, TUV SUD Germany, European Solar Test Installation, Ispra, Italy, and BMQR’s ISO 14001:2004 certificates.

With a five-year growth rate of 100% and several National Awards for Excellence in Performance, Entrepreneurship, and Exports, you can buy Solar panels prices in Delhi for your home from this company.

14. Jupiter solar power Ltd

The company works in integrative solar power installation projects in India. It produces effective photo voltaic and polycrystalline modules in the country. Its cells are regarded as comparable.

It manufactures the best quality and high-efficiency affordable photovoltaic poly-crystalline solar cells.  Today it has a capacity of 434 MW. Jupiter's average efficiency is 18.80 %.

Jupiter’s facilities and Integrated Management Systems are certified with ISO 9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 by (ICS) International Certification Services for Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. The cells are graduated by DEUTSCHER KALIBRIERDIENST.

15. Goldi Green

Among Goldi’s biggest achievements is the certification of its solar modules for a huge range of geographic and climatic situations. Their high-efficiency and temperature-controlled solar panels can offer their best results even under the harshest sunlight.

With a manufacturing capacity of 10 megawatts in 2011, The company has grown into one of the fastest-growing solar PV module producers. More than a dozen nations now import Goldi’s goods, a testament to their high quality, reputation and affordable. The company’s production capacity was up to 500 MW, and they want to expand it to 1 GW by 2019 as of 2017.


Solar manufacturers are already successfully running all over the world. And because of that, solar companies won’t have a hard time looking for a manufacturer that they can trust. It’s even better news that solar companies are abundant in Asia, especially in India.

So, if you are in a solar installation business based in India, then you don’t have to worry about getting out of the country to find a manufacturer for their needs. You already have top companies in your own country. In this article here are the top 15 solar companies in India in 2022.


Which solar rooftop companies are best?

Here are the top 3 rooftop solar installation companies in India

  • Loom Solar.
  • Tata Power Solar.
  • Vikram Solar.

Which is the No 1 solar company in India?

Tata Power Solar No. 1 in this List is Tata Power Solar, a Leading Top 10 Solar Company in India.

Which state will be India's largest producer of solar energy in 2022?

Karnataka, the southwestern state, tops India's list of conditions producing solar energy.

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