Pawan Munjal Can’t Use The ‘HERO’ Brand Name

According to a 2010 household settlement, Pawan Munjal and the company cannot use the popular ‘Hero’ brand name for its electric vehicle venture for two-, three- or four-wheelers. This is because the worldwide rights for the inexperienced expertise have been allotted to his family and nephew Naveen Munjal’s Hero Electric.

Any violation right here “will lead to legal action”, Naveen instructed TOI, making it clear that “only my family has the right to use the Hero brand for green vehicles”, despite the fact that there isn’t any non-compete/prohibition on different clan members who can enter the class however with unique branding.

Naveen, son of Pawan’s cousin Vijay Munjal, runs the Hero Electric two-wheeler enterprise since 2007 and mentioned his household acquired “global rights over the Hero brand name in perpetuity for electrics”, be it for private-shopper use, or the business market.


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