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Way To Build Strong Customer Relationship For Your Business

Customer Relationship

How to build strong customer relationship in order to achieve your business goals?

Customer satisfaction is crucial to every business. The way you interact with customers directly affects their perception of your brand, and ultimately determines whether or not they return to purchase from you again. In addition, consumers who have a positive experience tend to share that information with other potential buyers, increasing the exposure and awareness of your brand. 

As many as 60% of customers in the US will ditch a company after several bad experiences, 18% after just one bad experience (even if they love the brand, product or service).

Around 55% of customers worldwide have left a brand because of a bad customer service experience. And 70% because they felt the company didn’t care about them.

Building strong relationships with customers is key to keeping them around long enough to convert them into loyal clients. This post highlights tips and tricks to building stronger customer relationships for your business.

Customer relationships are about managing interactions and giving them the best experience with your customer service. Companies that manage their customer relations tend to develop their business faster. A customer experience strategy that strengthens customer retention and promotes customer assets.

Now here is the thing: every stage of a customer’s journey will build the relationship. That’s why everyone in the organization should have customer relationships in their minds, no matter what positions they hold in the organization.

It’s obvious that customers can buy from whoever they choose for service. But once they find a solution they’re happy with, they tend to stay loyal to that company.

But things keep changing. As many as 60% of customers in the US will ditch a company after several bad experiences, 18% after just one bad experience (even if they love the brand, product or service).

Around 55% of customers worldwide have left a brand because of a bad customer service experience. And 70% because they felt the company didn’t care about them.

Build strong customer relationships to boost your business

1. Know who your target customers

You can’t build good customer relationships if you don’t know who your target customers are. There are not too many companies that rely on intellect rather than data and review. Almost half of them don’t collect customer reviews at all.

Getting to know your customers is difficult. But it is an important part of growing your business and its revenue. Start talking with your customers from day one even if they just show 1% of interest. Messenger and live chat software apps are becoming more popular customer service methods. You can communicate live chat with Messenger for customer service speed up and convenience.

As many as 80% of them admit they prefer live chatting because of the immediate communication it offers.

2. Personalizing communication according to the customer's comfort zone

Personalized communication develops healthy relationships. About 82% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides value and personalized experiences.

  • You can use any channel to communicate with your customers, you must always treat them with the best service.
  • Reaching out to customers only to sell them something can also affect your relationships with them.
  • Instead, keep your audience engaged and continue helping them to communicate throughout the conversation.
  • Show them special offers they’re actually interested in. Share all the material to educate them about your products or services.
  • Calling them by their names can give them a personal touch.
  • Keep order history for helping your customer and it will be easy for you to solve the problem.
  • If you have had a chat with first-time visitors or regular customers, you can track order history and offer personalized offers.
3. Collecting customer reviews or feedback

Review is about telling what works and what doesn’t. And there’s no one who knows this better than your customers.

Asking for review or feedback shows that you care. When you capture your customer review or feedback you will know what your clients like, what they’re missing, or what you could do better. You show them that you value their review. As many as 96% of buyers read online reviews before buying or taking any service. If your business receives a lot of positive reviews, you can use it in your marketing strategy.

Although a single negative review can turn customers away, you should immediately fix it. When any bad review happens, never leave it unresolved. Try to respond to it immediately and do whatever you can to fix the problem and make the customer happier.

4. Building trust by being honest about the product

Sometimes customer experience is frictionless and forgettable for brands. But being honest and showing that your business can resolve problems can be very beneficial in the future.

Roughly 86% of people say a business can regain its trust if it admits to making their mistake, and resolves its problem. Obviously, it is not about giving bad experiences on purpose only to save the day later. But when issues occur, there are several things you can do to make the best of it. Building trust is all about being direct and transparent.

5. Rewarding your customers with free samples or freebies

A small token of appreciation to your customers can strengthen customer relationships. It could be a physical item or a discount coupon whichever you can afford to your expenses and goes in line with your business.

Create a premium customer section on your website that gives discounts to returning customers. Send an appreciation gift showing that you value them.

6. Provide your best customer service

Customer service plays an important role in delivering a positive customer experience. It can make the bond between you and your customers even stronger and loyal.

Poor customer service makes you lose customers forever. Great customer service retains and attracts new ones by sharing the review with them. And if customers are happy, they will tell you about it!

7. Respect Your Customer’s Time

As many as 65% of customers hang up the phone in frustration when they cannot reach customer service properly.

Nobody likes to waste their time, especially when there are several digital solutions that can speed up the support process easily. Calling service, Live chats, chatbots, customer service software, self-service options, and many other types of customer service make it easier to build a relationship with each customer who needs your assistance.

So, if your company is getting customer requests, don't take a lot of time to answer all of them, don’t let your customers wait, and hope for the answer to arrive quickly.

  • Estimating the wait time let them know
  • Communicating every step of the way throughout the period
  • Speeding up the conversation 

When a company is successful in doing strong customer relationships, it can lead to increased loyalty, a better reputation, and greater sales for the business. Part of this requires a change in mentality within your organisation to make it more structurally receptive, open, and friendly.


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