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How To Motivate Staff To Increase Their Productivity

Some employees need the motivation to feel good about their jobs and perform and most of the employees are money motivated while others take recognition and rewards as personally motivating. Motivation measures within the workplace have an effect on employee productivity. 

Employees who are motivated and excited about their work are executed out of their responsibilities, ability, and production in the best way. Motivation is the navigation force behind productivity. This is what makes your employees wakeup in the morning, go to the office, and start serving best to your clients with a smile on their faces.  


This is one of the most important features of any organization and it is a two-way path. Employees want to know that their boss is looking out for their best interests, which motivates them to succeed. 

And even the boss also wants to know that they can trust their employees to do their jobs properly. It is up to the boss to make certain trust building with their employees and to be able to communicate with each individual and positive relationships.


Incentives are the best way to encourage motivation. Employers can use different types of incentives or reward programs to increase productivity and motivation among employees. 

Incentives come in many different forms, whether it be bonuses, paid time off, travel extras, or vouchers. It offers employees something to aim for and gives them a bit of healthy competition.


The simple act of allowing an employee to know they are doing a good job and recognizing their efforts can do admiring for their motivation. As humans, you like to hear what you are doing is appreciated and it creates an accomplishment.

And in return, this motivates them to keep achieving goals and keep receiving recognition. Naturally, there is no need to recognize every single thing someone does, but make sure you make time to congratulate a job which is well done.


As a boss, you can support this motivation by certifying there are opportunities for your employees to proceed in their positions. You can also give them new opportunities for further qualifications or job workshops. It lets them know they are valued and makes them more performing to their positions. 


If you want to increase productivity, sometimes consider your employees to do more work from home. Some research has suggested there is a powerful connection between working remotely and productivity. Logging in more working hours, taking a few sick leaves, greater performance, and even appealing at work are many elevators and better with remote staff.

They aren’t required to pay for transport and office supplies, and with increased productivity, this also makes fewer expenses. If you’re not sure, split work hours into remote and in-house and judge performance for each day. You might be very satisfied and surprised.


At the end of the day, if employees are satisfied in their jobs they are more motivated to do the best work they can. As a boss, you need to be well informed about whether your employees are satisfied or not. Don’t assume that having a normal conversation with them considers their happiness will be enough, they may give a smile and just say yes they might think it is what you want to hear or if they are concerned their job is on the line. 

The process of happiness and job satisfaction can be affected by ensuring the above factors are used in your company and allow happiness to be an organic process.

As a boss, it is important that you are focused on ways to continuously upgrade your business and employees. Keep searching for ways to keep your staff motivated to perform at their best part of any managerial role. If the boss can understand the factors that guide employees performing at higher levels, they can increase the performance of entire departments.

October 3


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