How can you be a good manager?

Every company and every employee wants a good manager, who can support and guide everyone. A good manager can make all the difference in how happy your team is and is the need of every successful company. 

Being a manager is quite a demanding job because it comes with a lot of responsibilities. They take the organization to a different height in its performance and it is believed that great managers appreciate the diversity of the employees in their workgroup.

A good manager comes to know and value the particular quirks and abilities of its employees. They figure out how to capitalize on an employee’s strengths and tweaks to achieve larger goals. This approach seems to consume a lot of work but, capitalizing on each person’s uniqueness can save time. 

Most important work of managers:

  • Select people based on talent and skills.
  • Establish the right outcomes, while setting expectations for employees.
  • When motivating someone, focus on strengths.
  • Find the right job for the person, to have the proper development of that person.

Here are some of the qualities of a good manager.

  • Appreciate your employees

At every workplace, appreciation plays an important role for employees. When management or managers show appreciation for the good of employees, they know that their efforts were very fruitful and react positively. A manager can use a gamification system like delegate a team award for his employees, give them extra time off, etc. You should make it integral to your company culture to be a manager who is valued and respected.

  • Set a goal for your team

As per a survey, it has been claimed that 60% of work teams fail and one of the reasons behind is that they’re not properly set up in the first place. It is the responsibility of a manager to set your employees up for success by providing them with an understanding of what each of them should be doing. 

  • Handle everything with ease

A manager should handle every conversation carefully to build better relationships in tough times. It’s common for managers to face things going upside down with clients or employees, from time-to-time. 

  • Manage everything by Trust

One of the most essential things in a workplace is trust in each other. Don’t let anybody create a fearful environment for others, you must have noticed that some employees quit their jobs because of some fearful environment at their workplace. Managers use the power of their position to control their team, but you should know that managing things by fear is not a successful strategy in business. Because no business can afford to lose a team member, every member plays an important role in the company.

  • Motivate your Team 

Your team is one of the most crucial assets of you. As a manager, it is your responsibility to motivate your team to have a positive outcome. The work needs to get done correctly and before the deadline. Here are some of how you can motivate your team. 

  1. Take some time and listen to your employees.
  2. Encourage employee’s new ideas and initiatives.
  3. Involve employees in decision-making.
  4. Give them a sense of ownership for their work.
  5. Let your employees have a chance to grow and learn new skills.
  • Appreciate People’s Potential

As a good manager, you should notice the potential of each employee and appreciate them for that. When managing your team, always be mindful of pushing your teams so that they can work with the full potential that they are having to increase their performance. You can conduct some surveys or some activities to let them notice their strengths and weaknesses or find an efficient process they’re more likely to love. 

  • Spread Positivity

If you will be a positive and energetic manager then, your team will feel the same and try to copy your working manner or habit so that they can become like you. As a good manager, you should show a positive attitude towards everyone, because happier employees are more creative, more productive, and create a more winning working environment for everyone.

  • Some employees quit their jobs because of managers

A happy working environment is what an employee wants. Sometimes, employees love the working environment and their jobs but still quit their jobs because of managers. Managers can be a problem for quitting jobs for employees. So make sure that you are not making your employees uncomfortable because of your habits or any other thing. If someone has any issues with you, then try to resolve their problem. 

A great manager shows that they see his employees for who they are. This personal investment not only motivates others but also galvanizes the entire team and company. Try to adapt to these qualities and become a good manager for your employees and your company. So, when you develop these best practices of a good manager, you’ll be off to a great start.


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