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How Business Can Make the Most Of LinkedIn Video in 2022/2023


LinkedIn has become the go-to place for professionals looking for a new job or promotion. So why isn’t everyone using it for their personal brand? The answer lies in the quality of the LinkedIn video.

Businesses are increasingly turning to social media platforms like LinkedIn to connect with potential customers and employees. But they should also use these platforms to showcase their expertise and enhance their personal brands.

"LinkedIn Video marketing is now a major part of every company’s marketing strategy. So LinkedIn is no exception. In fact, LinkedIn recently announced plans to expand its video features and capabilities. And starting next year, businesses will be able to upload longer videos (30 seconds long) to LinkedIn."

In the past few years, we’ve seen a massive increase in video content marketing upcoming with new trends online, and there’s no sign of it slowing down and its future in marketing. From creating webinars, and video posts on social websites, to adding short clips in emails, a video marketing strategy is a must if you want to truly engage with your target audience, improve brand awareness, and boost your business.

"According to Linkedin, 83% of marketers say video helps them with new lead generation, and 87% say it has increased traffic to their website."

Here Are Some LinkedIn Video Marketing Trends 2022

The main trend in LinkedIn video marketing is that the quality of videos has improved significantly. This means marketers need to produce high-quality videos for their leads. However, when it comes to video production, it doesn't matter how great your team's skills are or what equipment they use. The key to producing successful videos is to ask yourself whether what you're doing is helping your audience.

LinkedIn video marketing trends include using longer videos, adding more images, and having a more personal connection with potential customers. You must be creative when making your videos stand out from your competitors. 

1. Vertical Mode For Linkedin Stories

Nowadays people spend most of their time on social media platforms, they will probably buy and try out something they find interesting.

Business owners should increase marketing video budgets to include video content and integrate vertical and horizontal formats. The vertical video format is currently more prevalent, but it is perfect for a single participant. The vertical video format is more effective; it is perfect if you have a single participant and a video with more participants will be better viewed in the horizontal format.

Make sure that the video you create can quickly load on different smart devices since most social media users are on their smartphones.

2. Live to stream

LinkedIn Live allows you to build good connections and drive more engagement with the professional community. Live videos get more reactions and comments than native videos produced by broadcasters. Stream live to your event attendees using one of our third-party broadcasting tools. Reach your ideal attendees using a combination of organic tools and powerful ads.

3. In-video Shopping

In Video shopping, users can click on a section of the screen (say, a pair of jean's on a model) and be directed to the link to buy the jeans or anything directly to the shopping cart. 

A survey done by Brightcove revealed that "23% of consumers overall and 30% of Millennials want links that let them directly purchase items."

4. Short Ads

The traditional 30-second ads are still a trend in video marketing. However, these are typically skippable after the first five seconds, and you run the risk of upsetting your audience if you make them long and unskippable. Using short-form ads solves that issues. Before the skip options come, your complete ad has already been watched.

Here Are Some Tips on How Can You Use LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn video is an excellent tool for any type of business. There are many different types of videos you can create.

1. Tell your business story

People are most inquisitive about learning more about whom they’re connecting with. On a platform like LinkedIn video, which is built for establishing relationships between new people, you can use video to pique the interest of your connections. You can do this by sharing a video, and posting it on your Feed page. It could be the story behind your business or a quick explanation behind how you got started and reached the point of success. Just like a status update.

Video is considered highly in LinkedIn’s algorithm. It can help you with a better chance of your video reaching the top of a person’s Feed and sharing your video story allows people to really understand you and your business and creates awareness.

2. Promote Product & Services

The main focus of your LinkedIn video strategy is to improve your bottom line. Anyone can’t spend time or money completing activities or plans without a high return on investment (ROI).

So you could use LinkedIn video posts to promote your products and services. For example, you can post how-to use your product or demonstrations of your service; answer frequently asked questions, or share upcoming launch details.

3. Video Blogging

As LinkedIn is great for promoting your business, it’s also used by entrepreneurs who want to improve their personal brand. Nowadays it's a trend for people to want to be known as an influencer in their niche so when their audience is looking to hire someone that could assist them with a problem with a product or any service they are looking for.

You can fulfill the desire of building your personal brand or business by using LinkedIn as a blogging platform. You can tell an interesting story behind why you built your business, your product production process or even demo your services through video blogging.

Tips to get started:

- Create a compelling story using images, text and voiceover.

- Take advantage of the free 30-day trial period.

- Use your video as a lead magnet.

- Keep your content concise.

- Make sure you're not too promotional.

- Always provide contact information at the end of the video.

- Don't forget to add a call to action!

How To Create An Effective LinkedIn Video Marketing Strategy?

If you're looking to create an effective video marketing strategy for Linkedin, here are some tips to consider.

1) Know your audience

For an effective LinkedIn video marketing strategy, you need to research your target audience. The best way to get customers is by giving them what they are interested in. Including the things they like in your videos can help ensure high engagement from visitors to a tribe of followers. Understanding what is bothering your audience is the main element in helping them find the content the audience is looking at when they search.

2) Plan your Linkedin videos:

Plan your videos how you’re going to shoot or coordinate with a video production company, it's important to make a plan. This plan will help you to determine your video shooting process.

Creating a short demo video for testing & trial on something small will save your time and resources. Audience interactions, reactions, and feedback can help you determine if your effective LinkedIn video marketing strategy is doing well in front of an audience.

3) Create a content calendar for your Linkedin videos:

You decide and prioritize a video marketing content calendar, make one video, and then it never sees back again. Or, you get that one video out, but never have anything to follow up with it.

For Example: A video marketing strategy content calendar helps you to follow up on your video and when to schedule for both production and promotion.

4) Analyze outcome and optimize video marketing strategy for Linkedin

No marketing strategy is complete without analysis and optimization. With every video you produce, make sure you're keeping track of those key metrics you identified, so you can analyze what's working, and what needs a different approach you need to add.

For Example: By keeping a checklist on outcomes like Profile views, Video views, Engagement rate, number of connection etc., can be used to analyse your strategy, and then implementing relevant changes, you can ensure yours with new things you have working on optimising the performance of your new and upcoming videos.

5) Add title tag and description

Add title and description tags as you do with regular posts or videos. It will help users that your video is what they are looking for.

Advantages of Videos for LinkedIn Marketing:

1) It’s a free service and you don’t have to pay anything for using the video marketing services. 

2) There are many people who use this service, so your videos will be seen by more people than if you were only posting on Facebook or Twitter.

3) LinkedIn has a large audience, which means that your videos can reach a lot of people.

4) With LinkedIn, you can create professional looking videos that look like they came from an actual company.

5) When you post a link in your profile, it shows up as a clickable button that allows users to watch your video directly.

6) Your followers can share your videos with their friends, which helps spread the word about your business even further.

7) When LinkedIn launched in 2017, videos on LinkedIn generated more than 300 million impressions within a year and it's a great way to reach a larger audience and expand your reach.

8) LinkedIn videos generate an average of two times more engagement than text posts.

What Are LinkedIn Video Ads And Its Effects?

When it comes to engaging customers and building brand awareness on Linkedin, video ads are a good option. Videos makes it easier for recruiters and hiring managers for deciding whether or not to contact candidates if they see the videos first.

Here are some ways to leverage videos to boost your company’s visibility on Linkedin platform.

The best part about using videos in LinkedIn ads is that you can target specific groups of people based on interests and demographics. For example, if you sell real estate, you could target users who live within 20 miles of your office location.

Effective uses of Video in Linkedin Ads

Share videos on LinkedIn ads can help in developing a sustainable and trusted brand online in the professional markets.

It is included in your B2B marketing strategy if you want to build an online presence in the B2B markets.

LinkedIn Video Ad Specs

According to LinkedIn, The maximum video length on the social platform is 3 minutes and 30 seconds. However, the most successful videos have a duration of fewer than 15 seconds! 

Technical specifications required for LinkedIn video ads are:

-   Horizontal layout –  can only be used in organic

  • Video size – the size of the uploaded video should be a minimum of 75 KB and a maximum of 200 MB

  • File format – you can upload your videos in an mp4 format

  • Frame rate – it should be less than 30 FPS (frame per second)

Pixel and aspect ratio requirements of videos:

  • 360p (480 x 360; wide 640 x 360)

  • 480p (640 x 480)

  • 720p (960 x 720; wide 1280 x 720)

  • 1080p (1440 x 1080; wide 1920 x 1080)

  • Video ads that have a 1:1 aspect ratio should have a resolution between 600 x 600 and 1080 x 1080 px.

Audio – you have two options for the audio format, either AAC or MPEG4;

FAQ's on Linkedin Video Marketing:

What can I use LinkedIn video for?

You can use LinkedIn videos to promote yourself, build an online presence, showcase products or services, demonstrate expertise, or show off what you're passionate about. You can also use LinkedIn videos to create high-quality content for your website or blog.

How to Use Hashtags for videos on LinkedIn?

If you want people to find you on LinkedIn, post content about yourself or what you're working on and use 2-5 relevant hashtags around that topic 

How to get started with Linkedin Video Ads?

You'll need to invest in good marketing and advertising to promote your cloud kitchen. Some of the best ways to do this include creating a website, launching a social media campaign, and using online food delivery platforms.

So how does Linkedin video view retargeting help with the long buyer journey?

Video retargeting helps businesses reach people who are just starting their buying process before they’ve decided whether or not to buy. Businesses use this information to continue engaging with them at the right times throughout the customer experience.

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