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Honesty is the best policy in business

Every company, whether they are small or large, makes mistakes at some point and sometimes even lie to their customers. These small mistakes or lies can pour water on all your efforts. Every customer believes that whatever product or things they are buying from one company should be honest with them. And sometimes customers forgive those companies who made mistakes because of their understanding and sincere apology. 

So as long as your company decides to admit their mistake and offer a sincere apology, and make the wrong right. Customers will give forgiveness. 

But if you haven’t accepted your mistakes then ask yourself, Is your lie will make everything alright? And is it good to lie to your customers?

If an order gets screwed up or there was a mistake that your company made in offering the customer a reliable service. Then don’t hide your mistakes, and always be willing to make amends with the customer. Because in this business world, honesty and humility can set you apart from the competition. Every customer believes that if the company is ready to accept their mistakes and owns up to the consequences is trustworthy.

Why do companies lie?

Sometimes there are several circumstances due to which companies lie to their customers, and most times, they may not even try to accept those lies openly in front of customers. Perhaps, there must be several boundations that are stopping them from accepting lies like they could be bound with some contracts, which are responsible for boosting their sales. Or hiding some of the brand’s shortcomings and some may even be trying to protect their customers so that they can feel more comfortable.

Why is honest customer service important?

There can be some exceptional cases but being honest with customers has benefits: First, being honest will make a trust relationship between your company and your customers, and they will be confident that if a crisis occurs your company will be able to solve any problems without any hassle.

And, the second one is the word of mouth: Word of mouth means that the word that you have spoken will spread quickly, and it will give you invaluable referrals and brand recognition. And a beautiful bond will be built that will boost the morale of your employees.

Here are some of the reasons that state why you should always stay honest with your customers.

  1. Trust

Honesty builds trust. When you are honest with your customers, you will build a relationship of trust. People will appreciate that bonds build on trust and honesty and it is better for the long term and will secure future relationships. Of course, customers will only choose those companies on whom they blindly trust and they will be ready to go back to them. Customers will feel like you are not misleading them.

  1. Honesty is bound to get around

Customers are also a part of advertisements. When you have an honest experience and relationship with your customers then it becomes meaningful for them too. And they will tell their family and friends about your product naturally, they will recommend your product to their friends and family. This recommendation will bring a positive experience and will drive your sales.

  1. Honesty breeds understanding 

In every business, there are some circumstances when you lie but indeed of lying, if you will tell them the truth then they will cooperate with you. For instance, if you are a restaurant owner and a customer’s order is taking longer than usual. Then instead of pretending like nothing is wrong, tell them the truth. If you will open the door for sympathy and understanding then annoyance and impatience immediately fly out the window and customers will have a better understanding. 

  1. Honest feedback 

When you will be honest with your customers, then you will receive honest feedback and love in return. It will not be troublesome to ask them honest feedback on your services. They will sincerely tell you the best ways in which you can improve your services if required.

  1. Honesty creates a positive environment

When your employees will see that you are honest with your customer then they will also take this initiative to stay honest with their customers. In this way, you will build an honest working environment among your employees. Employees will also practice honesty with your customers and with each other, which will create transparency in the business and their dealings with you. And customers will feel safe in this environment. 

Honesty is the best policy, and these days, it is more important because so much of our work is online and everyone can see that. So, take a break and rethink the importance of honesty and trust and what it means to you and your team. Being honest with your customers will improve your relationship with them and you will grow and improve both inside and outside your business.


October 5


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